While trying to find more info ref BSL:

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I found this link. This is such a great video. I wish I could send it to every legislator who is thinking of banning "pit bulls".

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Barked: Sun Jan 8, '06 5:27am PST 
You could send it to the politicians in Prince George's County Maryland where they euthanize hundreds of pit bulls every year because they are associated with drug dealers and dog fighting. Instead of arresting the criminals they kill the dogs. Makes a whole lotta sense doesn't it? What makes sense is that humans are very often stupid, ignorant, and lazy. They'd rather kill a dog than deal with the real problem--irresponsible humans engaging in illegal behavior.

When I'm sworn in as President on January 20th my administration will launch a full-scale campaign to overturn BSL in Prince George's County in memory of Ben who was recently executed by PG County. They wouldn't even allow him to be adopted by a family outside of the county.

Baron, and any other dog, if you'd like to be part of my administration's anti-BSL task force you can message me and I'll put you down on the list.

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Isabel You know I'm there! Please put me on your list! I was suppose to foster Ben, but never got the chance. The real hero's in all of this is Koorazh mom who lives in that county, and Tulip who read her story and recommended me. Koorazh got all the info. She is the one who connacted me to help Ben. We were so looking forward to getting him that I just know he never would have left my house even though I did have a back up plan just incase I needed it. It never came to pass. I just can't let this one go. I know there has to be something more we can do to make sure this doesn't happen to any other doggies. We need to stop killing dogs because of their breed or color, or someone looks at them and say oh not adoptable!! That is crazy! Especially when you see what consitutes not adoptable! Yes I agree we need to stop breeding these dogs all dogs! There are to many doggies out there that don't have anyone yet these breeders are pumping more in and many of these illegal breeders can care less what happens to them. Not all just the one who really don't care about the doggies just the money they bring in. It has to stop we are suppose to be a civilized nation. We need to treat all life precious! God decides not us! We stand together we can beat this thing and get control of this breeding situation! Ok well That is what I have to say. Sorry if someone takes this wrong but my heart is just breaking over all of this!


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I'm with ya hun. I find it unbelievable that some places are saying they ban the breed because the gang-bangers and drug dealers are the ones using them as attack dogs.
So - let me get this straight. They are breaking the law - and facing felony charges for drugs, gangs, etc - but they think they are going to abide by a BSL law? Um, does this sound like idiocy to anyone other than me??

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i'm with all of you! i hate BSL and tell everyone who doesn't know how horrible it is. i would be happy to help in any way i can