All unclaimed pit bulls to be euthanized in Prince Georges county

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Barked: Thu Jan 5, '06 7:10am PST 
A week or so before Christmas I found a stray pit bull puppy in my yard; had a tag and a piece of chain. I brought him into the screened porch, fed him and gave him water, tried unsuccessfully to read his tag; and called Animal Control. As they took him away, they said that owning a pit bull is a criminal offense in Prince Georges county and that if the owner doesn't claim him (incidentally, attending a criminal hearing to do so), the puppy would be put down. I posted on Dogster because I was depressed, and immediately was contacted by both an out-of-county family and an out-of-county rescue group willing to take him, chip him, neuter him, temperament test him, and adopt him out. After several weeks of back and forth, Prince Georges County has decided that no adoption of out-of-county pit bulls will be permitted, although our breed ban ordinance does not prohibit such adoptions or require euthanization. "Ben" will be put down today.

I didn't know anything about pit bulls or breed specific legislation when I found Ben, but I've had quite an education. I started by not liking the idea that the county would kill a friendly puppy I found, and ended being highly suspicious of breed ban legislation. I am willing to support breed ban legislation provided that anyone can show me data that shows 1) that breeds are identifiable, and 2) that specific breeds have a statistically significant higher incidence of vicious behavior, while 3) controlling for popularity of breeds among human idiots. Until that day, I would like to invite those who oppose breed ban legislation to let Prince Georges county officials know that they are making the wrong decision and explain why. Interested Dogsters can contact:

Donna Wilson
Director of the Department of Environmental Resources
Tel: (301) 883-5810
Fax: (301) 883-5444

Thanks, Dogsters for your support through this issue.