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Zeus a ROO

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Barked: Thu Dec 29, '05 7:20am PST 
ATTN all dog owners, we need your help. if you click here you will find a campaign to pass a bill to change the punishment for dog fighting and chicken fighting for good to a felony instead of a misdemenor. The thought is, if the punishment is changed to a felony less people will participate therefore putting an end to animal fighting. What you need to do is explained on the website. It will just take a couple of minutes of your time to help save millions of dogs and chickens from these cruel acts. Please take a look and email your representative if he is not on the list and ask them to be on it. if they are on it please email your congressman/representative and thank them for taking the time to take a stand on this problem. if you have any questions or problems just shoot me an email and i will do my best to assist. please help us in this campaign, it is very important to us American Pit bull owners especially. this is a change that has needed to take place for a very long time to help put an end to this problem. Thank you all for taking the time to read this.

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Zeus's Mom
Bella Beans

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Barked: Thu Dec 29, '05 3:26pm PST 
Im on it Zeus...thanks for letting us know about this!

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Barked: Thu Dec 29, '05 6:15pm PST 
I already e-mailed my rep, Zeus!!! Thanks for telling us about this!


Napoleon- our Kissy Boy
Barked: Thu Dec 29, '05 6:26pm PST 
A felony!
You have our support!

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Barked: Thu Dec 29, '05 9:12pm PST 
My congressperson has mail! Thanks for the heads up
Zeus a ROO

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Barked: Fri Dec 30, '05 8:44am PST 
thank you all for the support!!
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Barked: Sat Dec 31, '05 2:51pm PST 
My mom wasted no time at all in filling out the form for this and spreading the word to some of her fellow animal lover friends. We can't stand people who do these horrible things to poor animals. What did the animals ever do to deserve getting treated like that? NOTHING that's what. All animals want is to be loved and give love.

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Barked: Sun Jan 1, '06 10:02am PST 
My mom sent a long email to her representative (who is already supporting the bill)! She also sent the note along to a bunch of friends and family, so hopefully they will do the same!

Mom has always thought that punishments should be MUCH stiffer for any type of animal abuse. If people know bad things are going to happen if they get caught, I would hope they'd be less inclined to do it. I mean, do they think they're going to stop animal fighting when all that the people are charged with is a misdemeanor?
Zeus a ROO

Peace, Love and- Sniff Butt
Barked: Wed Jan 4, '06 7:24am PST 
this bill will definitely be a foot in the right direction with getting dog fighting stopped! thank you for telling everyone you all know! every little bit helps! lets keep passing the word and get it changed.