Please help Sgt. Dana and her military dog, Rex!

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Jamie and Rex

Air Force Tech. Sgt. Jamie Dana and her Working Military Dog Rex were inseparable companions. For three years they lived together, worked together, and relied upon each other. Their job was to patrol checkpoints and scour buildings for hidden explosives, and have served together in Iraq and Pakistan.
On June 25th, 2005 Jamie and Rex were returning from patrol when a bomb detonated under their vehicle. Jamie was seriously injured, and in a coma. Doctors didn't expect her to live, and she had to be transported to the United States for medical treatment. It was only when she awoke she learned that Rex had also survived.
This is really a story about the bond of love that exists between Jamie and Rex. A bond so strong that her last thoughts before losing consciousness was of Rex. A bond forged through training, through military service, and through companionship.
Jamie has returned to active duty, and wants to adopt Rex into her family. But current law prohibits the adoption of a combat dog until they reach retirement age. For Rex this could be another 5 to 10 years.
Please help re-unite Rex and Jamie - Urge President Bush to encourage legislation to override these laws.

Here's the website:
Jamie and Rex

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good luck!

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I saw this story on the national news last week.

I signed the petition, and I really hope she is able to keep him