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Apollo CGC- TDI

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Barked: Sun Dec 11, '05 8:59pm PST 
I am not one to preach about the stupid things humans do, since a lot of the things they do are stupid, but anyway...
Yesterday, my sister, Diamond got hit by a car. Now I could have ripped the guy limb from limb, but I had to stay in the house. Here is what happened...
My mommy's mom was bringing in groceries, and Diamond, being the dumb puppy she is, ran out the door. Now, funny thing is, we are getting a fence this week. Anyway, she ran into the street. We live on a street that has a 25 mph zone, 15 mph school zone. Well this guy was going around 35-45 mph. He sped up around our car which was on the side of the road to unload the bags. We had the blinkers on which in human language means, "SLOW DOWN!" Well the guy didnt listen. Diamond had been in the street to begin with... They guy sped up, SAW HER, and didnt stop. Luckily the dog has some brains, she rolled under the car. Well the guy looks at my mommy, who is more interested in checking out my sister than the guy, but she looked at him and was like, "We all hope she is okay." She walked Diamond back to the house... Well her dad goes to talk to the guy and he drives off. Well the same, STUPID guy, goes around the block and comes BACK around to the SAME street, the SAME area, and SPEEDS up AGAIN! This time, almost hitting a kid.
NOW the guy ran off before ANYONE could get plate numbers or a name. Grated, we are happy everyone is okay, but this dumb... two legged... needs to be brought to justice.
As for Diamond, we found out that there is only minor muscle bruising, thank god. That was from her rolling under the car.
Well the point is, we talked to some police, and they said that they can't do anything about it. Mommy and the neighbors know the type of car and color. They all got a good look at him... BUT the police were stating that since the BOY wasnt hurt, and the dog isnt DEAD that they cant do anything. I almost died. Now maybe it is my city, or the cop that was talked to, or maybe just the guy in general. All I have to say is I think that even if a dog is hit and ISNT dead, or ISNT gonna die, they should still do something. OH all that matters to them is the BOY, now I love the boy, he pets me and gives me treats, but HELLO, dog got hit, not him. So here I sit, wondering what the world is comming to. If I ever see that guy again, or smell him, or hear him, or... Well anyway... If I know he is near, I think I may have a chat with him on moral values for animals...
Do any of you think this was wrong? Mommy keeps saying, "I should have gotten the plate numbers." But how could she if she had to care for my sister. It makes me mad to have to see stupid people like this. IDK, just expressing my thoughts...
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Barked: Sun Dec 11, '05 9:58pm PST 
apollo i think your absolutely right!
the same thing happened to my brother Dubs. he ran out of his yrd with one of the other doggies, and was following him, when a car hit him he rolled under the car, and got hurt pretty bad, but the lady who hit dubs was really nice she gave dubs and dubs mommy's brother (who was watching him that weekend) a ride home. she even offered to take him to the vet and pay for it! she was a really nice lady! dubs was all tore up and had a shattered shoulder!
im sorry that man who hit your sister wasn't so nice!
but we know what its like when people hit doggioes and dont stop, a few years ago my mommy had a friend whose dog got out and was in the street. a car came speeding down the road never stopped hit the dog, and kept going, he did it right in front of her friends little brother too! Angel (which was the dogs name) was really hurt her hip was broken and she was bleeding from everywhere, she had to have a few surgery's to repair her hip, and she still never recovered fully!

so me and my family know what your going threw and completely agree with you!!!

Sweet Old Girl
Barked: Sun Dec 11, '05 10:54pm PST 
That stinks Apollo! Seems like the police could have gotten the guy for SOMETHING--even if just speeding. Especially since he had done it twice! It's awful that something REALLY bad has to happen (like a pup or a kid getting killed) before anyone pays attention.


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Barked: Mon Dec 12, '05 10:00am PST 
Hi Apollo,

Sorry to hear about the close call :o( I think it is a crucial reminder to everyone that your dog should never ever be outside without a leash or tether.... Kitai is now trained to sit 8 feet back whenever I open the front door.... Before we mastered this I did not open the door until I put a leash on him.

Recently something similar happened in my neighborhood. There is an alcoholic who lives nearby... A couple of weeks ago he came barreling down a residential side street where a couple of dozen kids live and play outside at well over 45 mph. It was really shocking. He freaked out a couple of the Moms and my friend I was walking with. When I got home I called the police and asked if there was anything I could do about it. The officer I spoke with said if I could get the lisence plate number to call the police as fast as I could and let them know which direction the car was heading and if they had a patrol car in the area they would try to follow the car and observe the driver driving recklessly. If he is they'll pull him over. It's a little sad to do since I know the guy and he's really nice, but he just got out of rehab a month ago and now he's drinking again endangering evereyones lives, not just his own. So I already wrote down his plate number and his address and will not hesitate to call the police on him if I ever suspect he is driving drunk again.
Rosalita Lola "Rosie"

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Barked: Mon Dec 12, '05 1:16pm PST 
Oh wow Apollo that must have been so scary for Diamond and your mummy. I am so pleased that he is Ok though, if a little sore.
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Barked: Thu Dec 15, '05 5:10am PST 
Well Apollo, there are some pretty stupid humanoids oot there who just dont care aboot anyfin' but themselves!!!

Even if the boy was okay, an' the dog was not Dead, he was still speedin'. So the stupid remarks that stupid cop made was just , well, stupid!!!