I feel.. Disgusted.

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Lady Bug

Barked: Mon Dec 5, '05 8:12am PST 
For those that read Lady's diary, you would know that my mother and I went over to visit my mother's friend, and my friend, in Port St. Lucie. My mother and my friend's mother went out shopping, etc..(My friend's mother had to go Christmas shopping for her little boy still. She already did for my friend.) They also went to yard sales.

Well, at the end of the day, my friend came back to Palm Beach Gardens with us to sleep over, because my mother found and rented a house in Port St. Lucie that day and we would be coming back tomorrow anyhow.

So, we got back, and went to bed. The next day we went to RJ Gators, stopped at a thrift store, and went to our warehouse to go through the crafts my mother got from yard sales.(Sense we are in the middle of moving, our crafts have been at our office for now)

So, we go through the crafts. My mother opens a drawer on a little box thing, and there were pinecones in there and a paper towel. My mother thought it was a delicate leaf folded in the paper towel or something, and opened it up. She looked up at me and my friend, disgusted, and said "Its tails".

These were FURRY tails. We automaticaly guessed they were rat tails, and my mother ran them to the dumpster.

But.. Do rats have furry tails? These tails were about as wide as the end of a dogs tail or a cats tail. We all were disgusted. We brought my friend back home, sense it was getting late anyhow, but I didn't say a word the whole ride there. I'm still disgusted.

Please, tell me rats have chubby furry tails.

Lady's Sister

P.S: These were NOT "gags". There were blood spots on the paper towel.

Chia Kitai!
Barked: Mon Dec 5, '05 8:28am PST 
Ughhhhh, sorry but no, rat's don't have furry tails... They are kind of skinny and long and just naked skin

Though if they were tucked away like that carefully wrapped with pine cones I would venture to guess they must have held a lot of sentimental value to someone... Whomever those tails used to be attached to must have been cherished by whoever put them there so I wouldn't be grossed out.

(Of course there are other possibilities... but this was the most pleasant one I could come up with this early in the morning to console you with)

Sweet Old Girl
Barked: Mon Dec 5, '05 9:06am PST 
Oh Lady! That is disgusting!

Rosalita Lola "Rosie"

Love is never- being told you'- naughty!
Barked: Mon Dec 5, '05 9:11am PST 
As Kitai said, rats have long thin hairless tails. They may well have been cat or dog tails, or fox tails. Sounds horrible anyway.

I wuv Abby!
Barked: Mon Dec 5, '05 9:41am PST 
It might have been a squirrel tail.
Lady Bug

Barked: Mon Dec 5, '05 2:37pm PST 
Kitai, darn.. I was wishing that some rats had bulky furry tails!

If thats the case, then the people must of been.. Weird. I couldn't imagine keeping tails, or anything else that once belonged to an animal.(Domestic or not, I even get creeped out at my uncles house because he has lots of dead animals there.. Even a stuffed deer.)

Rosie, fox? That makes me feel better, seriously! I've had some bad run ins with foxes...

Francky, it wasn't too furry. It was more of a kind of furry where the fur was down(Like Lady's fur). So, I don't think it could of been a squirrel tail.

By the way, these tails were white and black. Does that count out the foxes??

I'm pretty!
Barked: Mon Dec 5, '05 3:49pm PST 
Well.. they definitely aren't rat tails. Rats have a little bit of fur on the base of their tails but for the most part they're just skin. They're also long and thin. And from the sounds of what you described that would have to be a HUGE rat.

They should make a ratster, so I can give my Princess Brody a profile. hehehe
Nani- (2001-2012)

I'm only- visiting this- planet.
Barked: Mon Dec 5, '05 3:55pm PST 
Rats are so cool! And smart! My mom used to have a pet rat and she had a delicate, long, grey tail, with reticulated bands of tiny black hairs, not really thick enough to be considered fur.
What an interesting story, though. I wonder what the tails meant to the person who put them there?

Chia Kitai!
Barked: Mon Dec 5, '05 5:12pm PST 
Uhhh Lady, how long were the tails? If they were all white with a little black tuft on the end they could have been ermine or mink tails... In the summer mink are brown, in the winter they turn white but the tip of the tail is black. Their tails can be up to 5 inches long.

Hmmmm white and black, white and black... what else could it be?

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Barked: Mon Dec 5, '05 6:09pm PST 

i am sure it was a chinchilla
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