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Barked: Sun Oct 23, '05 10:26pm PST 
i grew up in montana where there i slike no fences. alot of dogs were in chains and kennels. we were one of the few ppl who built fences around our gate. there are states who dont enforce haing fences. kallie and other sled dogs get tons of exercise and are loved

belgian and minerv i put on a tether once because my fence was being done. yes i could of kept them inside. but they dont like being in all day. yes i was there with them both petting them and loving them. they were kept on the tether a total of maybe 4 hours. but after like every 10-30 min i took them off to do various things.

i do belive someties u need to tether other times use a kennel.

also i disagree with nilla because u can still love your dog deepley and be a dog lover with your dog on a chain. i am so you have no right to say that to any1
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Barked: Sun Oct 23, '05 11:54pm PST 
Takiah, generally with that many dogs, mushers have handlers working with the dogs. Different mushers have different patterns, but some generally switch out different dogs every day so that they can learn how they run, their idosyncricies, etc. etc. There's one musher who lets his dogs in every night and rotates between dogs so that none of them are never inside. Also, when you run a certian team and train with them, you create an undescribeable bond that is one of the most amazing things I have ever had the luck to have.

Generally, serious distance mushers keep this many dogs so that they have a wide variety of dogs to choose from for breeding and running. Most smaller kennels that breed generally only have a few dogs that they breed, and this can create a smaller gene pool. Baiscally, if one dog has a tendency to sire dogs that are slightly aggressive, then after a while, the majority of the kennel will have dogs that are slightly aggressive. This can be a serious disadvantage when you're trying to win a race.

I do half-agree with you though. I have nothing against people keeping 75-100 sled dogs, but I myself would prefer to keep a small amount of dogs (probably 15-20 max) rather than a lot. Not only is it cheaper, you can tell faster if something is wrong with the dogs if you're picking up the poop yourself rather than having the handlers do it (you get to know what the dog's regular poop looks like, and when it's slightly different, you can tell if he ate something he shouldn't have or if he's sick).

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Barked: Mon Oct 24, '05 10:55am PST 
kallie and aurora take good care of their dogs and heck if the dog enjoys the outdoors then let it be.

huskies are high maitence breeds as well as other dogs used for mushing.

wen i was in montana my Best Friend had a husky. most loveable thing ever. it was well trained except for one thing it loved to jump. they had a 6 ft. fence and the dog cleared it in one jump. this dog was worked too. it was trained to be a sled dog. they soon kept the dog on a strong and very long tether. we would walk the dog alot on a leash and it was taken off the tether so we could play ball.

for a musher they work hard with their dogs and run them alot. they just ned somesort of security to keep the dog in the yard cause belive me huskies, malumutes,etc they can jump really high. even a lab can.


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Barked: Mon Oct 24, '05 12:28pm PST 
I still have no clue why you say I ever mentioned anything about any sled dog, husky or otherwise. never happened. Never did I criticize any person or dog owner directly on this thread. never. I just posted that website to offer more discussion on chaining. no need to keep trying to convince me of anything about sled dogs. i never even mentioned them. its you who keep acting as tho i did. and whomever said the things about rescue...you are probably right in some cases. doesnt get my feathers ruffled at all. just like a lot of show dogs are kenneled and not exercised enough. still doesnt affect me in the least. i know what i do. i feel good about how my animals are treated...just as you do to. i still cant get my head around how i got accused of attacking anyone...didnt happen.
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Barked: Mon Oct 24, '05 4:20pm PST 
And this P-Nut...".Real power is the ability to show mercy to the weak and most vulnerable." ~Oscar Schindler~
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Ok doggies,

I'm closing this one down. Although we respect everyone's opinions, when the posts become too personal, too righteous or vicious we close the thread.

I am not sure if there are many, if any, absolute truths out there besides the fact that everyone who took the time to post on this forum loves their dogs and knows their dogs better than anyone and will try their best to take of their pets the best they know how. Sure sometimes we make unskilled choices but we are all here communicating, discussing and trying.

Personally I was learning a lot in this thread but it is just getting cyclical and honestly a bit unpleasant. Let's take a break and if someone feels like revisiting it in a few days with kindness in their heart, go for it.

HQ over and out.
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