URGENT I don't know whats happening with my dog :(

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Hi. I have problem with my dog, and really need Your help. My dog is Golden Retriever. Before 10 days my dog started to feel bad. He didn't want to eat, had a temperature, and when he walks, back of his body drift away. We went to our local veterinarian and he said that my dog probably has Lyme disease. He received antibiotics for 4 days, but his condition has not improved. In that 4 days he didn't want to walk, or even stand up, didn't eat. Also he didn't sleep much. After therapy for Lyme disease we went to control. But veterinarian said that he was probably wrong and it might be some kind of brain damage ( stroke). This is weird because my dog is only 3 years old, and that is not typical for that age. Because he didn't eat at all he started to receive infusion. After 7 days from beginning he suddenly get up and started to eat, drink, walk... For this last 3 days he is acting strange. All night he's standing and looking straight. When sun rises then he lay dawn and sleep half of a day. He is still walking with difficulties, because one side drifts. Our local veterinarian can only guess that is stroke because all analysis of blood are OK, no spine damage. Thanks and I hope You can help me.
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Can you get a referral to a neurologist? I would really suggest that. It sounds neurological if it's not lyme disease. Did they check for inner ear problems?

Are you sure it's not spine related? Xrays don't always pick up on that. A neurologist would be able to rule it out.

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Scary thought, but are you in an area that has Rabies?? Has he been vaccinated for that and/or for canine distemper? Both of these diseases can cause neurological problems such as you describe.

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What kind of tests were done to determine the diagnosis of Lyme and or brain damage? If he has Lyme, 4 days of Doxycycline is not enough time to cure it. It should be at least 21 days if he has symptoms that severe. (hopefully, thats the antibiotic that was used). What other tests were done? What kind of blood work? I would take him to another vet today. Good Luck!

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It sure sounds like Distemper to me. There are other neurological diseases. Ask your local Vet for a referral to a canine neurologist.