Severus has been acting very strange. Panting out of nowhere, paranoid, absolutely terrified

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Took him to the vet and everything seemed to be fine. Actually took him in because he had a bump on his paw but it eventually went down.

Now suddenly he is scared of any loud noise like the TV, doors opening, cars outside. BEfore he was a fearless dog so I'm really not sure what happened. When I try to comfort him he's like looking out into space like there is something flying around behind me (gives me the creeps like there's a ghost or something). He's also shivering a lot until about 11 pm at night where he goes to sleep and seems to finally relax. It's been going on for about 4 or 5 days.

The only thing that happened was that we had someone take a look at our smoke detectors and Severus seemed really aggressive towards him and panting and kind of acting like "why is this person in our home". He typically loves people even more than other dogs.

Also about a 2 weeks ago we switched foods because our local pet food stopped carrying the dehydrated raw food he was eating. HE went back to the California Natural grain free lamb. They DID recently have a recall in the past year so I am going to go RAW for the time being to see if he is fixed.

sorry for the long post but please let me know if you have experienced this!

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Did the smoke alarm go off while the guy was looking at it...? Smoke alarms are pretty loud and abrupt and can cause a lot of anxiety for dogs. If it did, he may be nervous that the guy will return and make those horrible noises again, since dogs have no way of knowing that the noise comes from the alarm and not the stranger in the house.
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Arya may be on to something. Our smoke alarm was pretty touchy and would pretty much go off every time you opened the oven door. Princesse got to the point where she would run, hide and whine when the oven timer went off! Now the smoke alarm is less touchy and she only barks when we open the oven doornaughty

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Animals, by nature, don't show it when they are sick. Hyper vigilance seems like a dog fighting to keep control. I would have the Vet work him up to see if he has an illness he is covering up.

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The same to my cousin's dog who used to love people and other sounds. At 8th month her dog just experienced to hear loud thunderstorm which changes his attitude and suddenly scared of TV and vacuum. They are now in process of introducing those things with low sound while she's petting him to relax more. He's getting more exercise too.