Upset Tummy?

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Barked: Sun Jul 14, '13 10:32am PST 
Hi everyone,
On Thursday morning before work I sat outside with Gunnar for 20 minutes. He refused to poop (he usually refuses to go until the very last minute...stubborn pup). I was unable to stay out any longer and went to work. When I came home, he messed in his crate. Ever since Thursday night he has had diarrhea. He still eats his food, runs around and plays. He may have gotten into my trash while we were sleeping. I doubt he would have eaten any full socks. Something to note is that he just lost his fur friend Lugar on Monday. I'm not sure if this is stress or if he ate something from the garbage. Any recommendations for helping him?

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Barked: Sun Jul 14, '13 12:14pm PST 
It is really difficult to pin down causes. If he grabbed a bite of grass on a walk, or found something interesting in the yard (rabbit poop?) that would be enough for him to have short-term tummy upset.

Very important for him to be hydrated. Make sure that he is drinking water. You might add a little chicken broth to it to make it specially interesting.

A teaspoon of canned pumpkin will often firm up loose stool. However, not every dog is interested in eating canned pumpkin. You might have to do something extra with it (mix it with food) to convince him to eat it.

Bland food -- boiled chick and rice -- is often recommended for a day or two.

A day or two of the runs is no big deal, but if it persists after that, it is time to see the vet.

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Barked: Sun Jul 14, '13 3:29pm PST 
Well, trash can easily cause an upset stomach and diarrhea. You can try giving some boiled chicken and brown rice/sweet potatoes. I don’t know what kind of diet he is on, so if he is on a grain-free diet, give boiled chicken and boiled or canned sweet potatoes (no syrup). Once the diarrhea clears up, you can start weaning him back onto his regular food. If the diarrhea doesn’t clear up within a few days, I would get him to the vet. Have you checked his feces for worms? Make sure he is drinking enough water, as diarrhea can dehydrate the body fast. Yogurt mixed in with your dog’s food or chicken and rice/potatoes can help stop the diarrhea, too. Instead of using rice or potatoes, you can use buckwheat, which is really good for the intestinal system. Mung beans are another good food for curing diarrhea.