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Barked: Wed Sep 11, '13 8:11pm PST 
Poor little girl, hope you will find the best solution regarding this itchiness, summer is really one of the bad season for allergies. How is she now?
A close friend of mine also had the same problem, after her last two shot schedule her sheltie Toby develop itchiness on random parts, especially on neck and legs which somewhat worsen for more than a month. The vet said it is not the shots that make him itch but the changing season, the vaccines may contribute to skin dryness so she was advised to add coconut oil on his meals which he likes. The vet also recommended an itch shampoo, specifically this Life's an Itch by I heart pethead and she's bathing him once a week with 50% shampoo and half baby shampoo. She also got this medium sized special furminator that said helps on removing dander on skin that contributes to allergies plus it helps the dog produce natural hair on their skin, see features of the tool here http://www.petstreetmall.com/FURminator-Shedding-Tool-and-FURminator -Products/3133.html just thought to share.

Hope your dog make progress on her skin problem and give us an update soon.
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