Bee sting

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I don't walk, I- prance!
Barked: Mon Jul 8, '13 12:47pm PST 
My Pom loves to smell the flowers, and is often sniffing around with lots of beez buzzing around- I have a feeling one of these days he will get stung so I want to be prepared, what do you do when your pet (cat or dog) gets stung by a bee?

Akita Pals- Always.
Barked: Mon Jul 8, '13 1:38pm PST 
I just remove the stinger, then watch them for any type of reaction. Luckily my pups do not seem to be allergic. Mika got stung so many times her first summer she just learned to come right to me and give me her paw or look up when it was her nose so that I could see the stinger. After the 6th sting she finally learned to leave them alone. Kai was stung only twice but he is just as calm about letting me help him. Good Luck!!

I'm Not a Pit- Bull
Barked: Tue Jul 9, '13 8:26pm PST 
Remove the stinger and watch for an allergic reaction.


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Barked: Sat Jul 13, '13 9:26pm PST 
Just remove the stinger (easy to do with a credit card) and watch for any signs of allergic reaction.