Did my dog have a seizure?

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A few minutes ago my dog had what sort of looked like a seizure, except after it was over, he didn't seem tired at all and was fully alert. When it happened, his body seemed paralyzed except he was shaking and his legs twitched every few seconds. It lasted for about 5 minutes and he seemed aware of his surroundings the entire time, but for a minute or two, his eyes were open extremely wide. He looked like he was scared and wanted it to stop. After it was over, he got up and ran around like nothing happened and ate a treat immediately.

This is the second time I have seen this happen- the first time was 4 months ago. I took him to the vet while it was still going on but by the time the vet saw him, he was normal. She said it didn't sound like a seizure because he was alert and ate the treat right away, but she couldn't figure out what happened to him. I'm really worried... does this sound like a genuine seizure or something else? FYI he got his teeth cleaned last month and all his pre-op bloodwork was normal.
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if it's lasting that long, I would suggest trying to get it on video. Seizures can happen in a variety of ways. Any time a dog isn't responding, and their eyes are open...they are staring, leg shaking...any of those kinds of things, i would say it's neurological. 5 minutes is a long time for a seizure though. Depending on the severity of the seizure, the dog may bounce back more quickly.

I would try to get it on video if that's possible

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Video tape it and show it to the vet.

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It depends.. Honestly, a seizure for one dog may not be the same as it is for another. I've seen some epileptic dogs race around the house as if trying to escape something during a seizure. I've seen others appear fully conscious and bite at invisible flies. I've also seen dogs who collapse and lose consciousness and motor control.

Charlie often knows when a seizure is coming on, and will try to immediately get to me and my lap. Often during this time, he's already ataxic and barely able to walk, but he still tries to get to me, which is when he finally lets himself collapse. He then may or may not lose consciousness dependent on the severity of his seizure, but his eyes are almost always open and wide, while his body shakes and he is unable to gain control or respond to anything. He, however, no matter how long his seizures lasts, almost ALWAYS recovers quickly(I say almost always because there is absolutely the potential for it to take longer, and there have been times it's taken him several minutes to pull himself back to normal) but as soon as he's back to normal, he's taking treats right away and bouncing around again. The seizures ALWAYS scare him because of a loss of control.

Regardless of whether or not this was an actual seizure, it sounds highly like it was seizure activity, and definitely neurological. I would want further tests done to try to find a cause, and I would start keep a journal. If it's happened twice now, journaling what's going on and what happened that day may help to find a pattern or a trigger, which can in turn help you and a Vet determine better whether or not your dog is epileptic or has an underlying problem. I would also try to capture it on video as others have suggested.

I'm sorry you and your puppy are going through this. hug

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When a dog has a seizure, they aren’t usually very alert afterwards. But, what you are describing does sound like a seizure. I would get your dog to the vet immediately. Seizures are never something to be taken lightly. I wouldn’t feed a dog immediately after a seizure, either. You need to get your dog to the vet. Extensive blood work needs to be done. I do think your dog experienced a seizure. You may want to see a second vet. Other than a seizure, I can’t think of this being anything else. However, I would be worried about what the anesthesia could have done to his brain, as anesthesia can have dangerous consequences on the nervous system.

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When Remmy had his first seizure, he just suddenly fell over stiffly with his eyes wide open. It took him about half an hour to come out of it completely. Since then the next seizure he had was six weeks later and he did the same fell over stiffly but it only lasted a few minutes, then he was back to normal. When I had him checked at the Vet, his liver values were not normal so he was treated with antibiotics for a month. He was fine for over a year, then had one about a week ago. All his tests came up normal this time so now have to just wait and see if he has another. He does not thrash around like the Greyhound we had that had epilepsy, just keels over and looks like he has died. When it is over he is completely normal, no disorientation like the Greyhound.

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Like I said, this sounds like a seizure. But, what is not typical is the quick recovery time. However, I can’t say it’s unheard of. I’ve never heard of antibiotics being given for abnormal liver values! I would recommend starting him on Only Natural Pet Immune Strengthener instead. Integrative Therapeutics Super Milk Thistle X can be work very well in treating seizures. Seizures in one dog can look very different than those in another dog. I would say Remmy is exhibiting abnormal seizure behavior, but not unheard of.