Why is my 7 month old humping her toy?

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Serious Face
Barked: Tue Jul 9, '13 11:23pm PST 
The dog I had as a kid was spayed and still humped slippers and a few other things for no particular reason, I assume it just felt right. Like others said, it's really no concern as long as she isn't humping living things.

Pocket Wolf
Barked: Tue Jul 9, '13 11:35pm PST 
7 months is adolescence. That's just a masturbation thing for dogs.Humping the toys is just dog stuff. I think it relieves sexual tension for them since we don't let them get over that in a real way. I don't take offense to humping the toys. Foxxy has an old pair of yellow duck slippers of mine that she prefers, but when they were out of commission for repair, she went after my husband's stuffed cougar because it was about the same shape and size as the slippers. She's spayed, she just needs a little 'me' time.

Barked: Fri Jul 12, '13 1:06am PST 
I seen/heard some dogs who changed behavior, especially humping and collecting toys as if as they litter, after they spayed/neutered. But of course, you have to monitor and stop them whenever you see they try to hump to stop making it a habit. A firm command such as "no" or "stop" plus removing the things can surely help. Hope your dog had successful op and get well soon.

Member Since
Barked: Wed Jul 17, '13 5:09am PST 
I have had 2 dogs that used to hump a lot, I solved it by putting them on a food with less protein, sounds crazy but it worked (I was advised by a friend that was a vet' nurse). Shouting wont help, they dont even know why they are doing it themselves, it just happens, one of mine used to do it in his sleep! (funny) laugh out loud
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