Low cost snip clinic vs. regular vet for spay?

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Woo-woo- whineybutt
Barked: Mon Jun 24, '13 4:11pm PST 
My four cats got done for $5 each at a low cost clinic.
No problems, we paid an extra $10 for a cone and pain meds (but.. you know.. what cat takes meds? )

All of these vets went to school too, and a lot of them are actually donating their time.

I love sitting- in laps
Barked: Mon Jun 24, '13 8:51pm PST 
A friend of mine had his 8 month old pointer spayed at a "snip clinic" and all went well. I'm not sure if they did pre-op blood work or if he went home with pain meds, but my friend was really happy with everything.

Fritz, cats are- fun when they- run
Barked: Tue Jun 25, '13 3:20am PST 
Chewy was done at a low cost clinic. He had blood work, IV, and pain meds. My person paid a little extra for some of his treatment and the entire bill was around $120. The IV and blood work is what bounced the price up. If we hadn't went for blood work, it would have been closer to $60, including the pain medication.


Turd Burglar
Barked: Tue Jun 25, '13 11:20am PST 
Our low cost speuter clinic requires blood work depending on breed or the age of the animal. They also include post-op pain meds. We've taken all our cats and 3 of our dogs to the speuter clinic here in Barrie, Ontario and have never, ever had a problem. I guess it depends on the clinic but I would always choose and recommend the ones near me.
Toto, CD, RN, CGC

We don't do- doodles!!!
Barked: Tue Jun 25, '13 3:38pm PST 
A very good friend of mine is a canine reproductive special-ist veterinarian. She volunteers at a spay/neuter clinic three days a week. I would certainly rather go to her AND pay less than pay big bucks at the regular vets.

Barked: Tue Jun 25, '13 4:48pm PST 
If what you can afford is the snip clinic do it. I work at a regular clinic as a tech.
When people can't afford the regular price we tell them its ok to use a snip clinic. We want the dog fixed. Especially females.
When put in that position I just let people know that at our clinic we are probably overly monitoring our patients! They get IV catheters, fluids, blood pressure readings hooked up to a pretty intense monitoring machine, and we have a 1-2 technicians overlooking the anesthesia and recovery pretty much until the animal goes home.
Now I have only worked at the humane society other then my clinic. Humane society is pretty much a high volume snip clinic.
Although all the animals did fine they didn't get as intensely monitored.Pretty much anesthetized, fixed then put in a cage to wake up.
And personally if there is not staff with the dog or cat overnight then I would ask to bring them home!
Regardless of age, or overall health any anesthetic procedure can pose a risk. We have had animals perfectly healthy with normal bloodwork almost die during their surgeries. And thats just something that can happen with any patient.
Now with that being said not every vet clinic runs their surgeries in the safest fashion either.
You can look at it as a risk in general. Your pet needs to be fixed. Do it how you can afford it

Goofyball of- love.
Barked: Wed Jun 26, '13 7:56am PST 
I actually took titan to a snip clinic to get fixed and the sent home pain meds but this place was a vet donating her time to do the OR spay and neuter program here. we got a cone, pain meds and she even said if he had any issues to bring him back for a free visit and she would treat him with in our price range. Same for our cat. for two animals we spent bout 200.00 maybe a lil over b/c our cat did have issues and we had to rush him back. this vet was highly recommended and was more pleasent than our other vet who tried to get us to not use the OR spay and neuter program and wanted 275.000 just for our CAT. We decided to use the snip vet from now on since she was honest and showed she actually did care lots for the animals in her care.
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