Jem had an Enema today! Raw people please.

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This morning when Jem tied to poop she screamed, repeat a few times each time more and more dramatic until I'm sure the whole area thought I was beating her.

Then she decided she wasn't going to poop ever again and I should just hold her. This is a puppy that runs away when you try to pick her up because that means you're going to make her HOLD STILL the most horrible thing in the world!!

I figured she just got so busy last night and then too tired and forgot to poop before bed and had a hard/dry poop in there.

The vet asked me (while sticking a tube up her bum) if I give her bones, I haven't told them yet that I raw feed both dogs because they didn't even think I should feed them grain free. I did admit to feeding her bones because I had a "what if" moment and got a bit of a lecture. But once we got outside and she let loose there was no evidence of bones in her poop, the vet checked.

She's given little yelps during her morning poop before so is there something I can do to help her? She eats twice a day, Spring Meadows pre-made raw.

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If she has been on raw for a while her gut may be nicely adjusted to the lower bulk and now the food is too high in bone for her. What is the poop like? If it is too hard and it was difficult to pass that one time it is likely to take a couple days to heal the little hurt spot.

I would substitute plain ground meat for half the premade stuff for a couple days to lower the bone content and make the poop softer but not put her into loose frequent bowel movements which might happen if you use a teensy bit of liver. Make sure the meat is something she has eaten and watch the fat content.
Jewel, PCD

8.6lbs of fury- in a bow!
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What I did was start her with RMB a couple times a week while eating Acana which is what the breeder had her on then did one meal kibble one meal raw for a couple days and then went to just raw. I would say she's been eating raw for almost three weeks now. I've been giving her mostly chicken (a small piece of lamb or beef now and then) I don't think I can get ground chicken I can cut up pieces for her, skin off or on and what part would you recommend?

Her poops were runny at first but it wasn't like she had to go 20 times a day, when she did go it was runny. Then they were firm at the start and runny near the end. Then she'd have a couple dry crumbly ones from her RMB (chicken wings). The last few days I thought they were pretty good but she's a walking pooper and I have a foster with issues right now so when they're all the yard I do tend to look away and could have missed something.

I had previously e-mailed Spring Meadows and asked them about the content of their food and this is what they said "Approximately 70 % meat and tissue, 20% bone, 10% organs". Jewel does fine on this but is it off for a puppy? Should I be giving her boneless cuts of meat in all her meals?

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I add a small amount of plain canned pumpkin to my dogs raw when their poop seems a bit too hard. It softens it up a little bit and makes it easier for them to poopsmile