Dog Seat Belts

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Sorry if this is in the wrong spot, but there didnt seem an appropriate area so this seemed the closest.
Unfortunately, I was rear-ended pretty good today. Luckily, my dog was OK, but this whole situation really has me thinking. I want to get one of the car safety harnesses for my dog. Problem is, there is a ton of different styles and I have no idea which ones are the better ones. Any advice or sharing of experience would be greatly appreciated.

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I did a fair amount of looking around and eventually bought a Champion Canine Seat Belt System. Been using it for about a year now and I'm very happy with it. The length of the tether is adjustable so the dog can stand up and move a bit, and it's really easy to install and move between cars if necessary. I've never been in an accident, but it is strength-tested and certainly seems very sturdy.

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I will check and see what type Tyson has. If you click on his profile picture, you can almost see the type he wears. It slips on over his head and straps under his arms. It then has a reinforced loop that the seat belt goes through and then you click it in like normal. In 2006, my car was hit by tires from a tanker truck on the highway and it send my car flipping on the interstate. Had Tyson been in the car, he'd have been killed for sure. Ever since that day, he is ALWAYS in a seat belt. I wish more dog owners had one! I will see what brand mine is and check back in.

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I use the Bergan auto harnesses as they actually tested them to the standards of child seats and they held up. They are easy to fit and pretty inexpensive. I think I paid $15 for one of them.

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http://www.naturalnews.com/041010_pet_seatbelts_car_crash_safety_res traints.html

According to the above article, every single dog car harness tested failed the child restraint safety testing.

A first-of-its-kind crash test for dog harnesses widely used by pet owners showed that none offer adequate protection, with not a single harness passing the test. The non-profit Center for Pet Safety (CPS) said during its harness tests, crash-test dog dummies turned into projectiles and were even decapitated.

"We tested them to the child safety restraint standard and we experienced a 100 percent failure rate to protect either the consumer or the dog," CPS founder and CEO Lindsey Wolko told My33, the local CBS affiliate. "That is a very real concern for consumers."
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I use a Kurgo dog harness for jake and a Go-For seat restraint. I know for a fact it works. When i slid on black ice last year and slammed into a pole jake and I were fine. Had he not been restrained he probably would have flew into the window or something. he was scared but still in his restraint unable to run when i got out of the car to call my mom for help.

I've also been reared and forced to do quick stops with my dogs in the car. Without any type of restraint Jake typically will fly into the dash or something. So i use his kurgo harness and some form of quick restraint like the go fur or a car stratint to keep him in his seat.

Honestly though if the crash is bad enough even a seatbelt won't save you. It can actually kill you causing lung collapses and broken ribs.

But if you're worrying soley about keeping your dog in its seat or in a confinded space any car harness will work with a strap that connects to the seatbelt.

For caroline i just use some chain that's work grade holds over 1000lbs with a huge work grade hook on it. I pull the chain through her walking harness back restraint loop and it works just as good.

i use the harnesses mainly to keep my dogs in teh car and in a known location in the event of an accident. The worst thing i worry about is having to open the door and my dog runs out of hte car in fear and gets hit or runs off hurt.

+ in my state and city dogs are required to be retrained or you get a ticket.

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I have the RC Pet 3 in 1 VestHarness for my dogs. It not only can be used as a seat belt, but also as a regular harness. They also protect the dog’s chest in case of impact.
http://www.onlynaturalpet.com/products/3-in-1-VestHarness/190009.a spx

Also, it connects to the seat belt very well.

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We got the Bergan harnesses a couple of years ago. I can't speak to their efficacy in the case of a crash (fortunately), but they have been wonderful in terms of keeping the dogs restrained so they're not bouncing/roaming/etc. all over the vehicle. It's also nice because when you open the doors, they're not able to immediately jump out. So I definitely think they are worth it just based on being able to restrain the dogs so they're not interfering with you as you're driving. That's not so good about the safety testing results, though. thinking
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I really liked the strap I use for Daisy until I read the post about 100% failure rate in dog restraints. Now I guess I like it only because it keeps her contained in the back seat. It is a simple strap that hooks clips onto what ever harness she is already wearing and then buckles into the seatbelt buckle. She has one for my truck and one for when she goes with my parents in their car or truck. She loves to ride in my dad's jeep and since the strep does work in there (doesn't fit the buckle) I have a leather strap that I run the seatbelt through and buckle the the seatbelt. The strap has a hasp to hook to her harness.

I am always hesitant to buy a harness for the truck because she is a pug and it can be difficult to properly fit a harness to her because of her broad shoulders and shorter body. She is a bigger pug, not overweight, just taller and broader chest than other pugs we have seen.

She wears a harness anytime she leaves the house already for me to hook her leash to. She has a collar that is for decorational purposes only--it holds her "jewelry" (tags).

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I'll stick with the RC 3 in 1 VestHarness for my dogs. I've had a few close calls when I had to stop fast and it kept them restrained!