Kovu was diagnosed with hip displasia at 2 years old!

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My GSD is currently living with my grandmother because I can't have him at my apartment. =/ My fiance and I are in the process of looking for a house so we can bring him back home. A few weeks ago on a visit to see Kovu, My grandmother started telling me how she woke up in the middle of the night to him screaming in pain. Apparently this happened 2 weeks before the visit and she didn't tell me cause "he seemed fine and was only limping once in a while." Well, I could surely notice he wasn't putting any weight on his back leg AT ALL! So, I called the vet and took him in. They did xrays and quickly found out his hips are pretty bad. There were many options so we decided to put him on The Dosuquin supplement. She also gave us Rimadyl for when he is in a lot of pain. Now let me tell you, my grandmother believes in completely all natural things and tells me constantly that I should've never gave him Rimadyl because she read how a dog died from kidney failure for taking it for 3 days, and, also how the Dosuquin has some soy in it. (I've read some things too and I probably could've gone without the Rimadyl) He's been on the Dosuquin for a while now and isn't having any issues with limping or showing any discomfort.
I got Kovu from a friends friend who bred her dogs and didn't realize that with this breed, the parents should always be xrayed before being bred. Stupid me!
To the point, does anybody have any suggestions on a more natural supplement for the hips? I know the Dosuquin has been proven to work, but if anyone has used anything else that they know worked wonders for their dog, I'd love to know!
He is being fed Earthborn Holistic dry kibble when I don't get the Taste of the Wild, so I know there isn't any soy there.
I'm just about ready to go crazy cause I feel that she isn't giving him the Dosuquin cause it's "bad" and I don't want him to be in pain. confused

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You can try supplementing his diet with Omega3's from fish oil also glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM the people type are fine and the people dosage as well. Also make sure if you are giving the Omega3's you give vitamin E as well. I have given it to my dogs since puppyhood to help prevent joint damage. Many people use it for their own joint pain as well as giving it to their dogs. Although it won't change the fact that he has a genetic condition it may help keep from suffering the effects as severely or quickly.
I was lucky, both of my Akitas came from genetically tested and x-rayed parents with certification that they had no genetic or hip problems, that does not however always guarantee that the pups will not get it. I hope this helps and Good Luck.