Dog with anxiety issues!

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I'm new here and I'm guessing this is an old issue but my little girl has some anxiety issues. She was the runt of the litter and I'm given to understand that this is not uncommon with runts. I love her to death and feel so sorry for her as she is almost paranoid at times. When she was young, she used to love going in the car ... now you have to pick her up and put her in and she shakes and pants the whole time. She's afraid of thunder (which fortunately is only rare in our area) ... she's afraid of bugs and is constantly watching the windows to see if anything is hovering around ... if one gets in the house ... Oh My ... that's a whole different story. She runs from the room, hides or will not leave your side for a moment, almost to the point of everytime you move you step on her. I'm used to that because, where I am .. so is she. I have tried Rx medication from the Vet .. I've tried those Thundershirts ... natural medications, Melatonin, and Gravol ... nothing has worked. I just want to find something that can be used on a regular basis to calm her .. I don't want her medicated up so bad that she has no quality of life. I love her so much and would sell everything I own if I could just find something that would help her to relax and enjoy her life. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You
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How much exercise does she get? You might try tiring her out with a long walk every day. Maybe someone else can pop in and give more advice. Good Luck!

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Lily has anxiety issues and we give her Pro-Sense Anti-Stress Calming Tabs. They contain Valerian Root Powder, Chamomile Powder and Ginger. They do not make her sleepy and they do not make her act drugged. They are not a magic cure but they just take the edge off of her anxiety and help her relax a bit so she can just chill out and help keep her a bit calmer in situations that typically make her panic without the pills.


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Which medication(s) did the vet prescribe, and what dosage? In my experience, regular vets can be reluctant to prescribe medications for anxiety or, if they do, they may not prescribe a high enough dose or know which drugs tend to work well together. That's understandable; it's not their expertise.
If you can consult with board-certified veterinary behaviorist, it is well worth it.
In the meantime, start working on behavior modification exercises (a behaviorist will tell you to do these anyway; medication is not a panacea). Feed all meals in Kongs and treat-dispensing toys--this distracts the dog and also tires them a bit. Practice Karen Overall's Relaxation Protocol. Here is a version: http://www.dogdaysnw.com/doc/OverallRelaxationProtocol.pdf
Our behaviorist gave us a similar protocol, but instead of "sit" she instructed "lie quietly on a designated mat." For these exercises, we use a large bathmat sprayed with Dog Appeasing Pheromone, which is *only* used for relaxation.

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my jax is on meds now for anxiety and it doesnt seem to be working. any kind of noise he looks around, always on the look out for something out of place. i think he;s like OCD, sheesh!

but the meds are not working so i have no idea what the next step is.

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Medication is a treatment if the case is severe and all other suggested treatments fail.

Even WITH medication, a plan of behavioral modification is needed.
It is strong recommended to increase the amount of structure and exercise. Leash walks are preferred.
Use leadership exercises and NILIF training to give structure to your dogs life.

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Do you baby your dog during times of stress.
Like say whats wrong. Come sit on my lap, let me make it better etc.

I have seen more then not anxiety is only further fed by the dog owner.
With that being said I also had a foster dog with the WORST separation anxiety I have ever seen! Meds were her answer.

Hiding can be acceptable to an extent.
Exercising the dog until dead tired is always a good start!
You can play games while storms are happening. Do training. like come sit stay during anxiety.
Feed with a interactive toy to get the mind off of the stress. I would find a good trainer to help you help your dog!

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I would recommend for you to read Cesar Milan's tip for dog anxiety, I think your dog needs to be more socialized to get used to things around him.