Seresto flea and tick collar?

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Barked: Thu May 30, '13 8:01am PST 
I saw a commercial for this a few days ago. It's a new flea and tick collar made by Bayer called Seresto. It's different than traditional flea and tick collars because it releases chemicals slowly over time instead of all at once and it's said to last for 8 months! It contains Imidacloprid for fleas and Flumethrin for ticks. Has anyone tried it or heard anything about it?

http://www.petparents.com/products.aspx/about/seresto? subId=howitworks

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Scruffy (RIP)

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Barked: Wed Jun 5, '13 10:19am PST 

Spooky Mulder
Barked: Wed Jun 5, '13 1:28pm PST 
Friend of mine who lives backed up to the state park here (very woodsy) has indoor/outdoor cats that he's been using them on, and he claims no fleas or ticks thus far.

Must be pretty good, because I've already had 2 ticks this year and that's WITH using Advantix thinking


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Barked: Fri Jun 21, '13 1:09pm PST 
Bumping this up I saw this collar while looking online..

Anyone have any experience with this for dogs? I know some tick collars can cause loss of hair or skin issues, but they are lower end crappy hartz stuff.

I'm going to try advantix, I hope it works.. I still on fence on whole Seresto thing.

Wish they'd make a free sample for first time customers that last for one or two months..

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Barked: Sat Jun 22, '13 1:23pm PST 
I've had the Seresto collar on Kovu since March and no signs of anything. =D

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Barked: Sat Jun 22, '13 4:30pm PST 
I started Tyson on his first Seresto collar one month ago. He has not exhibited any hair loss where the collar lays and I have not noticed any fleas or ticks in that months time. He is an indoor dog, though, and is only outdoors when going for a walk or to do his business. I would think environment may be a factor in deciding if this is a good fit. If you live in a highly wooded area, or the dog is outside more frequently, you may want to stick with frontline plus, etc.