UTI, Kidney problem,

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I have an 8 year old chocolate lab.
This is the second time my dog is suffering from UTI.
First time in February 2013.
But this one is more serious.I'll give the details:
1. Cloudy urine.
2. Low Platelets count.
3. Low Hemoglobin Count.
4. Extremely dark or almost black stool.
5. Loss of Appetite.
6. Increased thirst.
7. Vomits after drinking water.
8. X ray depicts Retained Testicle in belly (just below the bladder)
9. Kidney test shows increased Creatinine,protein
10. Urinalysis also shows increased protein.
It's been 1 week of treatment.
His creatinine count has gone up and platelets have gone down.
My Vet says antibiotics will be changed and because this involves kidney they can't give him strong antibiotics.They have to go slowly or it may cause some complications.
I don't know what to do.
Consider another VET?
And one more thing.My vet suggests to remove his retained testicle by surgery but only when he is fully recovered from UTI.
Please give some tips, suggestions.Any kind of help will be greatly appreciated.

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It is strange that the vet who did his neuter initially did not tell u that one of the testicles was not there. I would have the other testicle removed once he has recovered from the uti because it will likely cause more issues. Has your vet mentioned making a diet change or supplements to prevent more uti's in the future? I would ask about this.
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Has he been tested for Lepto??? I would strongly suggest testing for that... symptoms are pretty much the same.
ETA: It is highly contagious thru his urine so I would keep him away from other dogs until the testing ruled it out!!!

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