Heartworm Treatment - What To Expect?

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Barked: Mon May 20, '13 5:43am PST 
We just went in for her first appointment with the vet who will be doing the treatment. The protocol I mentioned before was what my personal vet (Bauer's vet) proposed.
The Humane Society uses an old-school vet (in the rural south) who gives us a really big discount on their services.
They did bloodwork Saturday, we should have the results in today. If her liver and kidneys functions appear to be OK, they will just do the two immiticide injections spaced 24 hours apart. If her system doesn't appear to be strong enough, she'll do a 30 day course of doxy and then the two immiticide injections.

It's not what I would choose for my pet, but it's what the rescue has chosen.

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Barked: Tue May 21, '13 5:09pm PST 
That is what our rural vet wanted too, but he was quite responsive to a request for Doxy. Would he consider doing the doxy per request?
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