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Diarrhea...please help!

This forum is for dog lovers seeking everyday advice and suggestions on health-related issues. Remember, however, that advice on a public forum simply can't be a substitute for proper medical attention. Only your vet can say assuredly what is best for your dog.

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Barked: Mon May 13, '13 5:38pm PST 
We need more information. When you took her to the vet, did the vet do any tests? Did they give her any fluids? How long has the diarrhea been going on? When you took her off her food, did you fast her or feed her a bland diet? When you did this, did she just not go poop or did it go back to normal? Does she have any vomiting? Does she have any gas? Did the vet put her on Metronidazole (antibiotic)? Does your other dog have it? Does your other dog eat the same kind of food?

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Barked: Tue May 14, '13 10:28am PST 
Sorry you are having so much trouble. If you haven't already, I'd say a visit to the vet for a fecal test is in order, to rule out any kind of illness. It could be a number of things such as Giardia, Clostridium, or a bacterial infection. My Max has had all three of these at one time or another. And with all the medication he's had, he now has colitis. I have switched brands of kibble and none of them worked for him, so he's now on a home prepared diet, gets probiotics and digestive enzymes and he is doing fantastic, his digestion system is much happier and healthier.

If it's not an illness, possibly it could be a food allergy, and possibly an elimination diet to determine the allergen may help. Good luck!

Barked: Tue May 14, '13 1:50pm PST 
I had my dog on Acana for a while and he ALWAYS had diarrhea, always. Like at least once a day. I used to use pumpkin all the time too and I found it helped tremendously but, again, if I didn't use any he would have diarrhea. Pumpkin just masks the real issue, it's not good on his tummy! I took him off of Acana and he honestly hasn't had any problems since then. I don't see why you would be so adverse to switching? Sometimes it's best for the dog, and when you find something that works, you can tell right away that they feel much better. My suggestion would be to switch his food, using pumpkin to ease the process, then slowly ween him off. It could also be the type of food you buy from Acana, too. When Dozer was on chicken, it was bad. When I switched him to the Ranchlands (beef and lamb) it was better, but not great. He may have developed an allergy or sensitivity to a particular thing in the food, or has always had it and it's just starting to show itself now. I feel like you would want to try and rule out the small stuff first before jumping to conclusions that it's something more serious, hope this helps!

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