Hardwood/Laminate floors and joints

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Desmond CGC

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So my apartment got some pretty ferocious mold due to a leaky pipe somewhere in the unit... Gross. Because of the severity, our landlord is offering us a move to a new upgraded unit with hardwood and all sorts of pretty features, which we are excited about.
Both my roommate and I have poodles. Her toy poodle is almost 6, my standard boy is 4. Roxy (the toy girl) has shown signs of luxating patella in the past few months, with clicky knees and sore joints! Bless her heart. She's on supplements, vet said it was nothing serious at the moment. Desmond hasn't shown signs of joint problems yet, but he is from questionable breeding and I do not know his parents history with health. I heard his wrist clicking the other day when we were playing, and it sent me into a frenzy of worry...

Anyway, if we were to move into this new, uncarpeted unit, would Desmond and Roxy be at risk for slipping & hurting their joints around the house? (bedrooms are carpeted, and we have a grassy courtyard for Des to run around supervised during the day for exercise as well as daily walks) I am really concerned about Desmond getting excited or trying to play and taking a nasty fall. We will have area rugs, but I'm afraid that's not enough. My baby's health comes first! No mold, no busted legs.

Am I worrying too much, or is there any advice you all have about dogs & slippy floors?

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A friend has carpet runners all over her hardwood floors. She fosters special needs dogs (and fails with a few) and has dogs with hind end problems that need the extra traction.

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When we bought our first house, I was specifically looking for carpet for Capone but it was so hard to find since the trend was hardwood. I finally found a place that was partially carpeted (just the living room) and met my other requirements.

I've found that Capone only lays on the carpeted area or on rugs that I placed in the other rooms. I put down rugs next to the bed for him to use as landing/launching pads and as he got older I also purchased some stairs to help him access the furniture. The problem with the pet steps on hardwood is that they slide. You have to put rubber or something sticky under them or brace them against multiple pieces of furniture. Same with small rugs or runners, you'll want the sticky rubber mats under them to keep them in place.

When Capone tears through the house while playing he does sometimes slip on the hardwood. He's never hurt himself doing it, but he doesn't have knee or joint problems like your two. So I second the suggestion of carpet runners for you along any path that they're likely to run through the apartment.

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We ripped the carpet out of my house because of my allergies (you would DIE if you have seen the dust coming out of it as we ripped it out) so I have small area rugs for where Jewel jumps at the bed & couch.

When I fostered a 3-legged dog I put down a couple runners for him.

When I got my puppy I got a small (3x4) rubber back area rug as the "play" area in the living room. They wrestle on it, play with toys and chew there but still run around the house like nutso. But I also have a fenced yard I can let them out into to run.

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Its better to have carpets or rugs when you have pets in your house. And place a rug pad under the rugs or carpet to prevent the pets from slipping when they play on it.

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I got the carpet installed for my pets so as to save them to get hurt while playing. These carpets are easy to maintain even if my dog stains it. For more information on pet oriented flooring dig this.

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I have a chihuahua with pretty bad luxating patellas and also a Saint with bad polyarthritis, our entire house is laminate floors. We put a rug by the couch so Chi can get up and down, but she also has stairs. We use to have carpet runners, however they were more dangerous than good here. So now we have a nice rug by back door and the living room rug, and the Saint has a bed. They dogs are not allowed to play in the house, well no running play. So they have no issues walking from place to place on the laminate. However if your dogs like to play and run through the house, it can be dangerous. We just have so much sand and dirt being brought in from the yard between the kids and dogs our rugs even with pads under, they never stayed in place. I had to pick them up and sweep and mop under them daily, so they would stick another day. My pups seem to avoid the help I give them, the chi rarely uses the stairs I provide her, and the Saint very rarely laid on any runner I set out, it was either the cold floor or her bed.
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