Need reassurance... I hope I'm not making a bad decision

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Ava & Nix

Suburban Farm- Dogs
Barked: Mon Apr 29, '13 9:13am PST 
Well... I went ahead and made the appointment to have Nix neutered. He's going in for blood work today, and the surgery is the 7th. That'll give us just about two weeks to heal before we hit the road (cross country trip, with the dogs of course.)

The decision is one I've been thinking about off and on for a long time. I bounce between not wanting to, and thinking I really, really should, if not for the sake of finding a place to live (because some of the places we've looked have a spayed/neutered pets policy) but to also curb some of his less than appealing intact male behaviors like how he laps up other dogs' pee and quivers his lip for a minute after. It really makes me want to puke when I see him doing that. Good thing his 'leave it' is pretty solid, but it doesn't stop him from trying again at the next pee spot.

That, and the way I've noticed a lot more posturing and challenging of other dogs. He was a very polite puppy, but always on the receiving end of attacks from neutered males, specifically. Once a neutered male gets a whiff and realizes Nix has something that he doesn't, it is ON!

Nix will not tolerate rude behavior from other dogs. And to be honest I don't see a problem with that. I hate rudeness too. If he wants to correct a dog who's acting like an idiot getting all up in his face uninvited, trying to hump him, being a bully, etc. then by all means any correction that dog gets is deserved. But the problem is that Nix himself is now starting to become a bully. He's gone over the line of just a dog who doesn't tolerate rudeness, to a rude one himself. And I don't like that.

The marking is starting to get on my nerves too. He's not doing it indoors. Never. He's a good boy and he knows better. But lately I've been jogging and I'd like to be able to jog with him, but his insistence on stopping to hike his leg on every bush or tree that smells interesting makes that difficult.

But really, aside from pee-licking, marking, and the posturing (which I'm not entirely convinced is even related to his being intact)... Oh, and also the fact intact male dog pee STINKS!!! and he always accidentally nails himself when he goes potty... he is perfect.

Part of me really is ready to get him neutered. He'll be 2 years old in May. He's done growing.

But the other part of me is so, so worried that it'll change him in ways that I don't want him to change. I love how affectionate he is. How eager he is to jump through hoops for me. How drive-y he is (although to add to the list of intact male behaviors, he does sometimes get very distracted by smells and he'll drop what he's doing to sniff for a second before he resumes activity.)

I guess I just need to hear that this isn't something that's going to turn my boy in to a standoffish, lazy, drive-less potato..

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Jake Earned- his wings- 10.02.15

I am Murphy's- Law Embodied! <3- Me!
Barked: Mon Apr 29, '13 9:34am PST 
Hi Nix ! big grin

When I adopted jake he had been neutered September 23rd. I adopted him October 7th. he was a jerk. He didn't listen, was hyper and was a totaly pain in the a$$. I didn't see the end of the testoterone lead issues until around August of the next year.

Jake didn't put on weight and isn't a couch potato at all once we're outside.

If it makes you feel better I have a friend who does fly ball with his border collie that's neutered and he's fantastic. I still think it's funny he's only the 3rd fastest in the class But he's still so fast >.$125. neutered males and females are $

Whippy- The- Whipador
Barked: Mon Apr 29, '13 11:01am PST 
Well, it sounds like it's the right thing for you to do. It's a shame Nix has become a bit of a bully himself. I'd always said to myself that should Ty become one of those types of dogs that's always posturing or challenging other males, he'd have been neutered too. I don't care about any of the other behaviours that comes with an intact dog, but that would be a deal breaker. But, like you said, he's done growing so there should be no downsides to his physical development in neutering him now and going by some of the top Agility dogs in the game who are neutered, it shouldn't have any effect on his drive either.

Don't even neutered males do the pee licking too? thinking I can't remember if our old neutered family dog ever did that or not.

Maggie,- Tika, &- Porter

Aussie-tastic- Trio
Barked: Mon Apr 29, '13 11:26am PST 
My neutered boy lip quivers and licks pee laugh out loud

I don't think the neutering will change him unless you make it change him - most dogs keep their drive just fine...they only gain weight as feedings aren't decreased accordingly. I mean I spayed my girl about a month ago and she is already down about 1/4 pound in raw. I expect to see her equal out when hormones mellow out.

Yay for cross country trips with dogs smile

Barked: Mon Apr 29, '13 12:00pm PST 
My neutered Shiba does all the intact male behaviors, moreso than a lot of intact males I've met. He is especially bad around females in heat. He's also intolerant of strange dogs and will be a bully to timid dogs.
He's come a long way since I got him, and he still needs a lot of work. He's almost 3.

I think this is more of a training issue than him having balls. I walk this one dog (neutered) for a friend and he'll piss on EVERYTHING. At first it was almost impossible to go any distance since he would stop and root himself to the spot. Overtime though, I was able to train him to keep moving until we take a break, THEN he can sniff and piss all he wants until we get going again.

I will never neuter a dog unless it is 100% medically necessary to save his life. But it's really up to you. If/when you get him neutered is your decision.
Jake & Sweet- Caroline

Tricolored- Hounds for life!
Barked: Mon Apr 29, '13 12:12pm PST 
hey Nix!

Half my response was cut off.

Anyway the sort of it was that like some of the other said here.

I wouldn't neuter a dog unless there was a reason too.

neutered dogs cost more money $$ to license. The females will get spayed only because i don't want to deal with unwanted puppies.

It's up to you. Good luck!

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Ava & Nix

Suburban Farm- Dogs
Barked: Mon Apr 29, '13 12:40pm PST 
Uh... Neutered cost more to license...? From what I've heard, including what I know of our area, intact males cost more than twice as much to license than neutered. Not the other way around. thinking

But... that's not any concern to me though. I wouldn't make the decision to neuter or leave intact based on the cost of licensing.

I didn't get to speak to the vet, again, but at least we had a really kind tech this time, who tried to answer my questions as best he could and didn't make me feel like a bad owner for waiting this long to even seriously consider it. That's why I like this place more than the other vets office. There's little to none of that "you've been a bad owner and you should feel bad" attitude going around.

My stomach is twisting all around...
Leaving him intact may very well be the best thing for him, but I'm getting to the point where I don't think it's the best thing for me, and there needs to be a balance somewhere... Now that he's fully grown and his growth plates are closed, is it really going to hurt him all that much to neuter at 2 years old?

I don't want to be told I'm a bad owner for neutering him either...

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Jake Earned- his wings- 10.02.15

I am Murphy's- Law Embodied! <3- Me!
Barked: Mon Apr 29, '13 12:51pm PST 
I meant Unneutered Nix red face They cost over $100 in our area if they're unneutered. My neighbor found that out the hard way.

You're not a bad owner either way. No offense but he's your dog and those are his balls. I only think it's irresponsible when people don't neuter their dogs then let him run about town knocking every other irresponsible owers bitch in heat. if you don't want to neuter him you don't have too.

Most of jake's issues were cured after he was neutered and he went through a lot of training and then he was better.

Do as you think is best. And don't worry what others think or say. it's up to you big grin
Ava & Nix

Suburban Farm- Dogs
Barked: Mon Apr 29, '13 12:53pm PST 
Just thought I'd add, not that it has much to do with the subject of neutering Nix, but I can't stand intact females. I can see why unpleasant women are referred to as female dogs... to say the least... so any girl I own in the future will be spayed as soon as she's done growing.
Ava & Nix

Suburban Farm- Dogs
Barked: Mon Apr 29, '13 12:54pm PST 
Ahh. That makes more sense. smile Thanks Jake hug
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