Hacking Up Water?

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Barked: Wed Apr 24, '13 9:58pm PST 
Hello! Mojo here is a one year old Chihuahua, lively and happy and a bit of a troublemaker, too. However, he's done one thing for months that concerns me.

At least once a day or so, he'll take a drink, walk a foot or so from the water bowl, and proceed to hack it right back up. He doesn't drink any more than usual, he doesn't urinate any more than usual, and he acts just fine. But sometimes he'll randomly hack up water after drinking it two to five times a day.

I spoke to the vet about it, and the vet was of the opinion that its just something dogs do, and blood testing would be a bit of a waste. He seemed incredibly confident that it was nothing.

But it still bothers me. Does anyone else's dog do this? He drinks normally, and I can't exactly predict this, or not have water down with four other dogs. Is the vet right? Am I worrying too much? Is there anything I can do for my weirdo dog so he doesn't hack water all over my floor?
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Barked: Thu Apr 25, '13 4:49am PST 
if they drink it too fast, that can happen. Mine does it from time to time, but only when she drinks it too fast or too much at once. It doesn't concern me, but then again it doesn't happen every time she drinks either.