Carpal Valgus- any info pawlease!

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My leggys are growing out instead of in. We are looking for info from someone who has has this happen to their dog before. If you ever had non-surical procedures done or if you had the surgery that cuts a piece of the ulna so the radius can catch up I'd love to hear from you! Thanks in advance!!
We have been trying to post this sme thing in the health forum and it has been deleted and now keeps telling me there are inappropriate words?

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bumping this up, has no one had a dog that had this? cry

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hug I have a horse that had surgery as a foal. I wouldn't have know if the breeder hadn't told me. I know this isn't much help, but I wanted you to know that let surgery can be 100% successful. hug I do recommend, if you haven't already, finding a board certified special-ist to review your case.

Good Luckhug

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From what I learned in school(I'm in school to be a vet tech) surgery is the only option to really fix it. If you do not do the surgery there is a high possibility of your puppy having future joint issues in the legs.

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thank you! I went to see an orthopedic surgeon yesterday. One surgery is where they cut a piece of the bone to give the other bone a chance to catch up (growing). Only thing is my growth plates have closed a little so they are thinking the other surgery which is going in and straightening the bones using plates and screws. And with our luck that one is probably double the cost. I will be getting the surgery in a few months when the growth plates close a little more.