Chocolate bunnies...

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Jackson Tan

Lad about town
Barked: Thu Mar 28, '13 3:03am PST 
Oh poor Beanster! I'm so glad he's okay, that's a lot of chocolate for a little guy. hug
Brenda Lee,- CGC, RN,- TDInc.

Barked: Thu Mar 28, '13 7:35am PST 
Oh Beanie! Thank goodness your mom found you when she did! Get well soon!
Lady (- Doggie- Angel)

Bucks County- SPCA explorer
Barked: Thu Mar 28, '13 3:26pm PST 
hug Paws crossed for you! Many years ago,my family went out for dinner. It was the Christmas season and I got into a box of chocolates that was sitting on a table. I was a big dog,about 70 lbs,so my body probably could absorb it better. Still I vomited all night and had diarreah but in the end all turned out well.

Beanster, CD, RN, CGC

We don't - doodle!!!
Barked: Thu Mar 28, '13 4:12pm PST 
Still doing okay today. He was pretty sleepy all day, but no more diarrhea and he ate his normal supper. Guess he got treated in time. Today the vet actually told me she was afraid he might die from that much chocolate. Glad she didn't tell me that yesterday afternoon!!!!!
Years ago I had an 80 lb lab get a 3/4 pound bag of M & M's... I make him puke immediately. (I caught him eating them!!!) Most of them were still whole but he was pretty sick... vomited all night and had diarrhea for about three days. But, he survived as well, although we finally had to give him something for the diarrhea.
BUT... M & M's are semi sweet chocolate which is really far worse than milk chocolate, however, there is a HUGE difference between 7 lbs and 80 lbs!! I know I most certainly would have been sick if I had eaten that chocolate bunny all at once and I weigh far more than even 80 lbs. Of course, I won't find out now cuz it is GONE!!!!

Champion PPH
Barked: Thu Mar 28, '13 5:10pm PST 
hug Hugs for Beanie Mom and a finger wag at the Beanster! He was quite lucky!

Im just a little- guy
Barked: Thu Mar 28, '13 8:12pm PST 
dancing Glad your dog is feeling better.

My dog is small, but has gotten into things much higher and bigger than him. I started crating him while I am at work because he knocked over my huge trash can and tore into the trash.

He has managed to eat a few bags of dog treats I thought where out of his reach. Thankfully he has not found any dangerous treats. After reading this I will be sure I keep my Cadbury Eggs locked up.

I'm triple- superior MAD- now!
Barked: Thu Mar 28, '13 10:08pm PST 
42 pound Sassy got into a whole box of soccer candy the first week she was with us. Been ages, 3-4 pounds of milk chocolate? The vet sent her home saying she would be a bit drowsy after the medication to make her vomit. Nope, she was climbing the walls for 3 days. I got her to the vet 5 minutes after we got home and she had been alone for maybe 1/2 hour plus she vomited up a lot before we got home AND she hid chocolate all over the living room for later. She would have been in serious trouble if we hadn't been able to respond so quickly. It took me years before I stopped pulling single M&Ms out of her mouth! Eating close to 10% her weight in even milk chocolate was not a good idea. She craved chocolate, even tasting the extremely dangerous dry cocoa one time. That would have killed her outright as it was a half full 2 pound can.
http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/2007/10/pets/chocolate-chart -interactive
Addy, CGC

Let's go for a- walk!
Barked: Fri Mar 29, '13 1:36am PST 
I'm so glad he's okay!

My neighbor has a GSD. Sweet, sweet boy, but young and energetic. So Dan's brother often stops by during the day while Dan's at work to take him out for a run.

Dan crates Duke because he is smart, energetic, big enough to reach lots of things... His brother thinks vesting is mean. And one day when he took Duke out for a run and then didn't put him back in his crate after, Dan came home to find that Duke had gotten into his chocolate stash. Dark chocolate.

So Duke spent several days at the vet. Dan gave the bill to his brother, and now Duke, who thankfully recovered completely, gets crated after his midday outings.

Barked: Fri Mar 29, '13 4:37am PST 
Zoe (min pin) once ate an entire pan of homemade brownies off the stove. I was scared to death especially when I read how much theobromine was in cocoa powder. She didn't even get sick. We have always called her Iron Zoe because she seems to be able to eat anything. When she was being dog sat with a friend she ate 2 whole packs of gum with xylitol. She is a lucky dog.

I am glad Beanie is doing betterrainbow

When the night- closes in I will- be there
Barked: Fri Mar 29, '13 7:06am PST 
Glad Beanie is okhug
I somehow managed to teach Sabi not to touch anything that smells like chocolate, bit of a problem when they bake the plain timbits in the same pan as the chocolate oneslaugh out loudI wish I could replicate the training for the other dogs though. Since I scared her doing it though and it was an accident I am hesitant to do so, but every time I hear a story like Beanie's I wonder if it isn't worth it.
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