Weird eating habits??

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Barked: Wed Mar 20, '13 7:47pm PST 
Tyson has been eating weirdly. More so, not eating. He's been not eating as much lately. I know he goes with my moods and my husband is deployed so I have some off days and he doesn't eat on those days. I always make sure he has food because he only eats what he wants. He enjoys his food and I add supplements and olive oil. Should I be worried? He still has the same energy and poops normal. Is he just following my emotions?

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Barked: Thu Mar 21, '13 12:34am PST 
I'm not a vet or anything but from what you're saying, it is possible that your dog is mirroring your behavior. You mentioned that he doesn't eat on your off days and you did say that he goes with your moods. If you really want to make sure that there isn't anything wrong with him, then a trip to the vet wouldn't hurt. big grin

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Barked: Thu Mar 21, '13 4:25pm PST 
U might try cooking some chicken and mixing it into his kibble.