Can't get Interceptor...now what?

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Barked: Sun Mar 17, '13 10:16am PST 
My dog was on Interceptor but now its' not available anymore. Whats the next best thing at a similar cost?

Pocket Wolf
Barked: Sun Mar 17, '13 11:33am PST 
interceptor has been gone for a year now. there is no alternative as cheap unless your dog can tolerate an ivermectin product like heartgard. The same active ingredient (milbemycin oxeme) for HW is in Trifexis, but Trifexis is $20 a dose and there are sometimes bad reactions with spinosad (comfortis) combined with milbemycin which is the combo you get with trifexis. selemectin in Revolution is a topical HW and flea combo is a also $20 a treatment. Fox had that last year and she did fine

sorry. We've all been grumbling about Novartis's serious dropping of the ball on the vet meds front. There just isn't any cheap alternative to ivermectin anymore. I mourn the days when I could go to the vet for the month and get a heartgard for $6 a dose for Tag and an interceptor for $8 a dose for Fox because she's sensitive to it.she gets swelling of the face nausea vomiting and diarrhea so we won't give her heartgard at all and $20 is a real pinch for a monthly

LATEST UPDATE AS OF March 7, 2013:

Novartis Animal Health US is pleased to inform you that we have resumed the sale and distribution of Deramaxx® (deracoxib). Customers who would like to purchase this product should contact their local veterinarian for more information.

Production of validation batches of our parasiticide products produced at our Lincoln, Nebraska manufacturing facility continues as we work toward regulatory approval for a full restart. While we continue to make progress, the restart is taking longer than originally anticipated. Currently, the exact dates for parasiticide product availability remain unknown, but will be communicated as soon as they are available.


A decision was made in December 2011 by Novartis Animal Health to temporarily suspend production at its Lincoln, NE processing plant, which is responsible for manufacturing several Novartis Animal Health brands including Interceptor® (milbemycin oxime) Flavor Tabs®, Sentinel® (milbemycin oxime / lufenuron) Flavor Tabs®, Program® (lufenuron) Flavor Tabs®, Program® (lufenuron) Suspension, Milbemite® (0.1% milbemycin oxime), Deramaxx® (deracoxib) and Clomicalm® (clomipramine hydrochloride).

We assure you that all Novartis Animal Health brands remain safe and effective when used according to the product label. There were no veterinary product recalls as part of the temporary plant shut down. Veterinarians can continue to prescribe - and pet owners can continue to administer - these trusted brands with full confidence.

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Kip & Oogie

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Barked: Mon Mar 18, '13 11:04pm PST 
Yeah, the Interceptor/Sentinel shortage has been truly frustrating... I wish they would hurry up and start up production and distribution again! One of my dogs is sensitive to Heartgard(ivermectin), and we switched to Sentinel (milbemycin oxime with lufenuron- the latter is a flea egg inhibitor that is much safer than the flea pesticide in Comfortis) a while back- it has worked wonderfully for us and protected my dogs from both heartworms and fleas without any side effects.

Unfortunately, my vet has no stock left. I was able to call around town and found one vet who had a few boxes of the Sentinel in my dogs’ dosage size (2-10lbs), and he was kind enough to sell me two boxes when I provided him with the negative heartworm test results my dogs had gotten earlier that week from their annual exam. Honestly, if you haven’t done it already, it wouldn’t hurt to call around to see if you can find a vet that has any left- especially if you have a dog that reacts negatively to ivermectin.

Like Foxxy said, the only other heartworm preventative with milbemycin oxime as the active ingredient is Trifexis, which has Comfortis mixed in with it. I’m wary of Comfortis, as many of the severely negative reactions happen in smaller dogs; my smallest is under the weight minimum for dosage and my larger is barely over the minimum; I don’t want to risk the negative side effects and honestly, when using the flea egg inhibitor there is no need for an additional pesticide for fleas, because if they can’t reproduce, it is HIGHLY unlikely you will ever have an infestation in your house. Needless to say, it puts me between a rock and a hard place if I have to choose which to use when my two run out of their year supply and I sympathize with anyone already in that place (especially those with collies and collie mixes)!

Good luck… like I said, I’d recommend calling around if you know your dog is sensitive to Heartgard/ivermectin and/or Comfortis. Maybe you will get lucky- until then, let’s hope that Norvartis gets their butt back in gear… Truth be told I halfway wonder if there is some sketchiness going on between the pharmaceutical companies in terms of trying to gain a monopoly over heartworm prevention production… Elanco makes Trifexis; Merial makes Heartgard… Elanco and Merial have had a “strategic alliance that will leverage their products” for the past several years, at least in regards to medicine for agriculture and I would imagine it would be the same for pet medication as well. http://us.merial.com/merial_corporate/news/press_releases/11_17_2003 _Merial_and_Elanco_Alliance.asp
Between those two companies, they practically own the market at this point. It surprises me that they wouldn’t release AT THE MINIMUM a heartworm preventative that contained milbemycin oxime only to be able to fill the market demand for Interceptor.


Easter Baby
Barked: Tue Mar 19, '13 3:49am PST 
Only the company located in Australia has there production going it comes with any extra ingredient lol for tapeworms plus its beef flavored rather than the pork.I was suggested to give half one day and the other half a few days later.
Iverhart plus is the generic for heardard plus

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Barked: Sat Mar 23, '13 3:20pm PST 
Previous Interceptor user here too! My dog loved it.... and I liked it because it took care of nearly everything.

We switched to Iverhart Plus (generic for Heartguard) but I definitely feel for those with ivermectin-sensitive dogs.

Look for coupons!
Flicka ~ CGC

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Barked: Sat Mar 23, '13 4:33pm PST 
Because Interceptor were closing down for a total rebuild of the factory(thats what we were told anyway and they didnt want to risk quality slipping..) my vet went over to


as well

and it is $5 cheaper !!

My Boys have been fine on it for nearly a year.Lucas is a Flat Coated Ret X Collie.. and has been fine.

If you are in doubt.. get the test done.. there are actually very few positives to the Ivermectin. I have use Ivermec for years around many breeds and never ever had a problem

The test is simple.. and isnt expensive... and is peace of mind if you need to check for sensitivity.

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