Thrombocytopenia (low platelets) in American Bulldog

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Hi folks: Our dear ABD mix Pookie is having some mysterious and potentially serious health issues--I am wondering whether anyone else has had similar issues with their ABD or other dog and might have thoughts re less common issues our vet should consider.

Pookie has been having bruising/bleeding issues for a couple of weeks and has been diagnosed with thrombocytopenia (very low platelets in 17-24k range). Neg for heartworm, von Willebrand disease, tick-borne disease panel, clotting time is normal. Slightly elevated WBC count. Bile acid (liver function) is normal. 1wk on 100 mg/day vit K has not had effect.

Today he is very pale in gums and elsewhere. So he is at the emergency vet, where they're re-running CBC and taking xrays.

He is ~2 yrs old, generally good health other than skin allergies, no meds, has been with us 10 mos and was a stray before that, so no prior medical history. UTD on vax and neutered. Not on any medications; gets salmon oil and solid gold sea meal supplement 2x/day with Darwin's raw food and Origen grain-free kibble.

If anyone knows of something particular to this breed (or anything in general) that they should be looking at, please comment here. . Thanks so much in advance.

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My Sister's Lab, Cricket, has had this problem twice. They don't know what caused it. They determined it was autoimmune and put her on steroids. After my sister took her off Prednisone and the problem went away for several months.

Wish I had more. I hope he gets better soon.

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You didn't mention what type of diet your dog was on. If you feed raw and have fed Salmon or Trout within the last couple of weeks it's possible that it's 'Salmon Poisoning'.


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Bone marrow cancer can also cause thrombocytopenia