Could dog be allergic to rice?

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Hello. I am new to this forum and I am seeking different points of view and want to know if anyone else ever had this problem. I have a 10 month old yorkie mixed with poodle and pom. Three weeks ago he started throwing up every now and then. He was on Blue Buffalo for sensitive stomach. He and my other dogs seemed to stop liking the food so we gave them broiled chicken with organic brown rice that is when he really started throwing up a few hours after the meal. We took him to a vet that suggested we give him a med that started with an m and to rest his stomach for a day and try the chicken and rice again. We did that and he was back to throwing up it got to the point he would throw up after water or even licking an icecube. The vet took x rays and said his stomach was very inflammed. She told us to give him pepcid a/c in the morning and another kind of acid reducer in the evening with some other kind of med. She also suggested he eat Royal canine can food. He did good all day, but throw up that night. However we later found out that that also had brown rice in it. He went back to the vet the next day and then did explority surgery to make sure that he hadn't swallowed anything and he hadn't. Then they did biospy of his liver, spleen, and two other organs which right now I can't think of. They keeped him overnight with an IV in him and want to keep him tonight too and feed him tonight. They said if he keeps it down they will let him come home tomorrow afternoon. I have a strong feeling the Blue Buffalo messed up his system really bad and that he might be highly allergic to rice and maybe some other things. Please let me know if anyone else has ever had a problem like that. They also did bloodwork on him and that came back as normal. They did a fecal check and that was normal as well.

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He could be allergic to rice or chicken. All Blue Buffalo formulas have chicken. Blue Wilderness do not have rice. So, you can do 2 things:

1.) Get a trial size of the Blue Buffalo Wilderness and see if he still throws up. If yes, then it may be the chicken.

2.) If the chicken is suspect, then get a sample size of a grain-free no chicken recipe like the Earthborn Holistics Meadow Feast and see if he does better on that.

Note that it takes a while for your dog's system to reset itself, so switching foods like this could possibly cause your dog some diarrhea/vomitting as he adjusts to the new food that may not be related to the food allergy. You'll need to give the dog some time to adjust but the dog should at least be able to keep food down and not just throw everything up.

Or, if you want, read up on Prey-model raw feeding so you have control on what your dog eats.

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Both chicken and rice r the most common food allergies. California naturals makes a line of grain free goods with novel proteins, novel proteins r just proteins your dog has not eaten, they have a venison and a fish variety that might work. I finally gave up on kibble and switched to frozen Stella and chewys patties sandy eats the rabbit and the venison. Just remember if u suspect a chicken allergy avoid all birds like turkey as well as eggs. If u want kibble California naturals is ur best bet. The Stella and chewys premade raw is wonderful though sandy just loves it and gas no more tummy troubles.

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Thank you guys both so much for responding. I do not have internet service at home and use the library's. After I made that post our dog Peanut actually came home. They gave us royal canine food and pretty much said he was allergic to rice and or chicken. Right now he seems to be doing pretty good, but still on pain killers from the surgery he had. I'll keep everyone updated.