Parasite eating my dog skin , tail - constant itching

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My dog is in great pain, there is like some parasite or i do not know what which is causing great harm to my dog. He itches frequently and the tail is in deplorable state .. I have gone to a vet but the medicines, cream he gave did not work . .. My dog does not have fleas, i do not know what is which is causing the constant itching, biting .. please check some of the pics on http://manish.ws/skin/ to see the problem more clearly ..

anyone has a solution for this problem ?

Thank you


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Have you ruled out food allergies?
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I would suggest a return visit to the vet! If you went to your own Doctor and he prescribed something that did not work for you, most certainly you would return to him and have more testing, etc., to come up with another solution.
For some reason, people tend to think vets are miracle diagnosticians and can magically tell with only a look what is going to work for every illness or condition. At the same time, many owners refuse to allow further testing so the vets generally try a more common solution to the problem and assume the client will be back if it doesn't work.
I LOVE my vets and consider them excellent vets but there are times when we DO decide to try something and see if it works BEFORE going on to further testing, etc. If the first treatment works, GREAT! If not, it is now time to dig a little deeper, maybe do some skin scrapings, cultures, etc., which may cost a bit more but will ultimately find out what the problem is and how to cure it.
I would strongly suggest you contact your vet and give them another go at it. If you go to a different vet, most likely they are going to try the exact same drugs first, and you will be back at square one.
Good luck!

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I agree with everyone else. Also, if you are not happy with your vet, find another one. I went through 3 vets before I found one I like. Have they checked for mange? Good Luck!

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It sounds like food allergies to me! Sophie gets this way with certain human foods. She will constantly dig at her bum/top of her tail area. To the point where her fur falls out. We finally figured out when we stopped feeding her food she stopped itching, and her fur grew back.

My mom's cat is the same way. Which is how we figured it out so fast! We knew what to look for. puppy

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Anal gland problems can cause this type of itching around the back end and tail.
Ask your vet to check them. In my experience they don't have to be full or totally blocked to cause this type of irritation and itchiness that drives the dog crazy. But if nothing is done about whatever is causing the irritation, the situation will only get worse.
It might be worth doing a detox and changing to a different food. How are your dog's stools? Constipated? Loose? Either could cause problems with the AG.
Digestive and probiotic supplements can help. Ask your vet what he/she would recommend.
Topically, I have found 100% aloe vera gel to be very soothing and healing. You can get it at KMart, about $5.00 for a decent sized bottle.

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I agree....if your vet is not able to help you, request a referral to a dermatologist. I'll be honest, I wondered if it was fleas. I had a dog who chewed her tail awful, even for one flea. Once we started her on flea treatment, she was fine. I hope you are able to figure it out and your dog feels better soon! hughughug