Afraid to ask but need to know about knee problems in small breed dogs

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Barked: Sat Feb 16, '13 8:53pm PST 
The day that we took Garnet in to get her stitches out after having to have her belly fixed after her spay surgery we noticed that she was limping on her right rear leg. I checked her paw to see if maybe she had stepped on something out in the yard but found nothing. We had her vet look at it and he moved her leg at the knee and could feel it clicking. He also said that it felt like her tibia was twisted. We arent sure if it is because of stress or a birth defect. She likes to run up and down the steps on the back deck and jump around. She is not overweight for her size. She is 8 1/2 months old and weighs 10.8 pounds. I am wondering if it could be from my 15 year old accidentally letting her out the wrong door a couple times when he was home for a weekend visit or if it is a birth defect. There are days that she will not weight bear on it when she is standing up. She does not whine in pain except at night when she gets up on the bed and lays down to sleep. We can mess with her leg and she will not whine or snap at us but I am still very concerned about this leg. She has an appointment with the vet on Thursday to get her leg x-rayed and will find out if we need to take her to a specialist or not.
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I'm sorry to hear about Garnet. It could have been caused by a number of things....running, going up and down stairs....jumping on and off furniture. There's a lot of stuff. Imagine the force put on a small dog when it jumps up or jumps down. I hope Garnet is okay and it's not serious. Good luck on Thursday way to go
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Were her parents checked and certified free of luxating patellas prior to the breeding??? If not, it is likely she has hereditary luxating patellas as well.
It's really sad the number of small breeds that are routinely bred without any of this important pre-breeding testing.


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Barked: Fri Feb 22, '13 5:10pm PST 
Garnet, it is probably luxating patellas (or popping knees). Sadly, a large majority of small breed dogs have this condition. I have it, sometimes they pop out, but they go back in. I just live with it. My mom keeps me at good weight.

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We had to reschedule Garnet's appointment because we are moving and it took everything we had to put into the new house. We gave up our other house that we were buying to help the guy who owns Garnet's parents out while he was in jail. To try and clear up any confusion about who he is to my hubby and I, this guy is my hubby's best friend and we didnt find out till last year my cousin. He went to jail and to keep his house from getting broke into after Garnet's mom and dad were stolen, we got them back. We took care of his place and his dogs for 10 months. He got out last month and has been making our lives hell. Garnet has been doing good but now when she lays down on the couch or in the chair she will groan and kind of whine. My hubby is getting paid to go to school each month through the VA so we set up her appointment for the seventh of next month. And in answer to the question about her and her brother's parents being checked before being bred the breeding was not supposed to happen but for a few weeks before we took over her parents care the person who stole them was supposed to be caring for them put a wire crate in the house to put Diamond who is Garnet's mom in to keep her from getting pregnant. However she put it in the house upside down so that the bottom was the top and Diamond climbed out through the bottom and got pregnant. Now that Diamond and her former mate's owner is out of jail he is talking about getting another female dog a Boston like Garnet and Blaze's dad Psycho so that he can make money off breeding the two. Diamond is spayed so he cant have anymore pups from her. He told me that she is three years old and has already had 5 litters of pups. I feel bad for her really but she cant make money for him anymore.

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I had a papillon who had two rotated tibias. They were caused by the fad in the show ring to produce pretty angles without regard to health, even though his breeder is very well known and considered "reputable." My vet talked to me about surgery, and said he could correct them but didn't suggest it as he'd have to cut through both tibias and realign them. The typical groove deepening surgery for luxating patellas would have no effect because it was the strain from the tibas causing his kneecaps to pop out. He advised me to limit his activity and showed me out to pop his kneecaps back in, but to just watch him and allow the kneecaps to pop out (to a degree). He said that eventually the inside grooves would wear down so that the movement of his kneecaps would not cause him pain.