Help Cleaning Ears?

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Any suggestions on how to teach a dog to accept ear cleaning? Like any droopy eared pooch both of mine get grungy under there. I use warm water on gauze pads and clean gently. With Sophie she just kind of sits resigned that it's no fun but she'll get a treat after.
We tried with Callie and he pawed and twisted like a nut. Hubby tried holding him and it was a wrestling match...no growling or anything, he just won't hold still. Next time I'll get hubby to hold one end and son to hold the other...but anybody have ideas how to get him a bit more accepting? He adores being brushed and bathed, but ears nope, maybe waiting till bedtime when he's sleepy?

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Clicker (or marker) train gradual approach?

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When not cleaning, touch ears just to get dog used to it and each time you're able to touch the ear, give a treat. ours wasn't crazy about it at first, but we tried to continually touch her ears and work up to wiping out the outer parts and then the inner parts, treating her after every interaction. She knows now that ear cleaning=treats, so it is easier.


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Thank you, I'm thinking when he has his peanut butter ball to just get him used to my just looking, casual touching...with his peanut butter ball in the room he's oblivious to anything elselaugh out loud

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This is in addition to what the previous poster said about ear handling. You can make cleaning your dog’s ears easier by handling them while you pet him. Occasionally lift up an ear flap, look inside, then put it down and give your dog praise. Also, rub inside the ear, making sure to never go further in than you can see, and around the base of the ears. Consistent handling will teach your dog to tolerate rather than dread getting his ears cleaned.

I'm glad you've found a way to get your dog oblivious. Just make sure you don't lose his peanut butter ball though! cheer