Dachshund with bloated belly + other symptoms

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I have a large miniature dachshund (somewhere in between standard & mini), with symptoms to two alarming conditions: Bloat (gastric dilation), and a herniated disc. She has the following symptoms:
-Bloated belly
-cool & pale gums
-unwillingness to go up steps (just one step)
-slight wobble in her back legs: (read below)
Sometimes she will kick up her right leg as she walks, almost like a limp, and I think it looks like that leg is little odd when she puts weight on it. Overall, her usual bustle is definitely less brisk. (I am not sure about this symptom because her back legs have always been a problem area, and always rather uncoordinated. She has slipped a disc before, and this is definitely nowhere near as severe as the near-paralysis of her back limbs that I noticed then.)
-Yesterday, she let out a small, muffled yip when she was picked up on two different occasions.
-She is pooping fine--her stools are of normal frequency, consistency and they are not bloody.
-Her appetite is very healthy (but it was healthy when she slipped a disc too)
-Dry Retching/Sneezing/coughing – I noticed twice that she “sneezed”, and with one real sneeze, there was also some odd, dry gag-like noises. I’m not sure if this is the dry retching mentioned as a symptom of bloat
-This has been going on for one day at least (noticed it on Sunday, and it is now Monday)
Other things:
We started giving her “Greenie” treats on Friday, which she ate like they were large biscuits.
She seemed to be her usual self yesterday (Sunday) morning, but she began to show some “depression” later. She did eat a “Greenie” yesterday morning, however, at least one of her little yips upon being picked up happened before we gave her the Greenie.
We gave her some Rimadyl yesterday, just in case, and she has been on pretty strict cage rest since. She seems a little better today, but I am worried about the wobble in her back legs.
Do the symptoms of bloat last for more than one day? Does it interfere with a dog’s walking?
I have an appointment with the vet later today, but I hoped for an answer sooner. I will
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Odds are extremely high it's a spine problem, save for the light gums. Whatever is causing her to bloat a bit is placing pressure (by crowding her insides) on the spine. I had an eerily similar circumstance with my Dachs many years ago after he ate my German Shepherd's dinner.

Dachshunds discs in the back calcify which makes the spine a lot easier to injure....it's called IVDD, or intervertebral disc disease. That's when I found out he had that. He didn't have serious problems until quite a few years later. At any rate, that's the hind wobble you are seeing. This is essentially a muted version of a dog being paralyzed....same basic thing, only not as severe. Your vet will probably want to do xrays. You are doing the right thing with cage rest. Try to keep her still. Your vet will probably give steroids and order cage rest.

For future, you will want to keep her in trim weight and not let her jump on furniture, carry her down stairs....things to minimize stress on the spine and cause reinjury.

Feel welcome to post back afterwards. Lots of people have been through this. hug

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This may not apply to your dog, but my Doxie was just diagnosed with a luxating patella. She has also recently stopped doing stairs, and also hops on 3 legs quite a bit. The vet said her musculature was excellent, and she doesn't carry extra fat, so that has helped keep the problem from being worse than it is.

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I was thinking luxating patella too. A "hitch/skip" in their step is a classic sign. It maybe a coupple of things though.

I believe bloat is pretty rare in small breeds. i can tell you that greenies are meant for chewing....not swallowing. I'm famous for one bite, two bite swallow confused So i can't even eat them.

I hope you feel better and hopefully the vet can get it sorted out for you.