any thoughts on a holistic vet for a dog with health issues

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Hey I have a dog who is 4 years old and her name is Prissy and she has inflammatory bowel that is immune related and she has Pancreatic insufficiency, vitamin B12 deficiency and she has allergies to different things, currently she is on Prednisone, not sure how long she will have to be on that, I am not to crazy about her being on it because her liver enzymes are already high and she has to have blood test often to check the levels. I been hearing people talk about holistic vet may be able to help her with her allergies and inflammatory bowel disease. It is like she really doesnt even care about eating, I have to make her eat most days, Some days she will eat without me having to make her. Anybody ever took there dog to a holistic vet and any thoughts on holistic veterinarian.

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We picked our vet from neighborhood recommendation but they have a doctor in the practice that knows holistic. It's nice to be able to see our regular doctor then get some alternative suggestions from her. Especially for skin and fur issues she's been terrific.
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Definately look into finding a Intregrative Vet as they will incorporate holistic, chinese medicine such as acupuncture, supplements, raw foods and several different avenues along with western medicine to address your dogs medical needs.
I would be worried also about long time prednisone use especially on such a young dog. Have you sought other opinions, any intestinal and stomach biopsies yet to confirm inflammatory bowel problems. You stated that the problem is immune mediated, so I assume that cbc's are being done every week if not every other week to make sure that her hemacrit and red blood cells are staying in check.
The one thing about the more holistic/intregrative Vets is that they look at the whole dog, not just at symptoms, does that make sense? By that I mean they address the dogs whole body, the dogs life style, foods, not just symptoms.
I hope you can get some help and your dog can be on the road to recovery soon.