Chronic hair loss

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Hello all doggie lovers,

I am a newbie and I look forward to chatting to you.

My lovely 7yr old boy JD has suddenly started losing his fur in clumps. It started just after Christmas and was gradual at first but then it was large clumps starting on the back of the neck and now it is the back the hind lugs, buttocks, belly but not the face. We have had no change of diet or routine and nothing that would stress him in anyway.

We went to the vets and had a blood test for Hypothyroidism but his hormone levels were within the normal range. We now have to measure water intake and get a urine sample.

He has hip dysplasia and Atopic dermatitis which is treated with Atopica but the vets feel this is not related.

Has anyone out there experienced the same thing?
I am so worried shrug

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Hello J.D.welcome to Dogster. I wish I had an answer for you. I deal with hairloss in that type of pattern 2-3 times a year but it is just the way Akit's shed. They lose their entire undercoat in clumps in about 3-4 weeks time with no other issues. Aside from a sudden allergy that has developed over repeated exposure to something environmental,I can't really think of anything to explain a sudden change like this. Are there any other symptoms?
Good Luck in working with your vet to find the answers. We are sending a pals request,we love to make new friends and you look like a real sweetie,we are so sorry that your pawrent is so worried about you.hug
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Hmmm, I like that the thyroid was considered. But was it a full thyroid panel? Thyroid test results are not always easy to interpret, especially if only limited testing is done and if it is the first time any testing is being done on e client. As Dr. Jean Dodds' book says, there is a thyroid epidemic upon us! I read her book and found it very eye opening. I would pursue the thyroid possibility a little further if a full panel was not done.

As for connection to the atopic dermatitis, I would definitely connect the dots between these two skin conditions. So you are taking atopica for the symptoms but was the cause /source of the symptom ever realized? I would consider pursuing that as well.

So uncomfortable! I hope your system finds relief soon.