Recovery after luxating pattela surgery

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My lhasa had luxating pattela surgery on both legs,surgery was tuesday. He did scratch hes testicles with ecolllar at the hospital , when we got back home it got worse. Very red and seems like bothering him . He does pee when laying down and that irritades hes skiin. I used neosporin spray to help him . Witmh the pain. Don,t know what shoul i use to help him with pain. Any advice ?

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Your best bet would be to call your vet and ask them about what they would recommend. Aside from that there is a neosporin that contains a small ammount of lidocaine that could possibly give him some relief,it would at least numb the area for a short time.(Make sure he is wearing the e-collar if you choose to try this until you can reach the vet)the vet is however the best option,you certainly don't want to take any unnecessary risks such as missing an infection by not seeing the vet.