dog with severe allergic reaction and taking prednisone

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Hey I have a dog who is 4 years old and her name is Prissy and she has been having vomiting and diarrhea all week, she has inflammatory bowel disease and pancreatic insufficiency so I thought that was acting up but yesterday her eyes started swelling and her face and I been noticing for a while her eyes would run water and she would act like she couldnt see very good especially when she went outside and now her fur on her neck and other areas is coming off and she been scratching alot so I carried her to the vet yesterday and he took some tests and said she had a bad allergic reaction, she is allergic to chicken, eggs,dairy products, grain,she is also allergic to grass and beef and lamb so the vet put her on royal canin analallegenic food. The vet also put her on Prednisone and tylan she has SIBO and she is on metroniodazole and gave her a vitamin B12 shot, her skin looks really bad it is red and her fur is coming off. I didnt really want her on Prednisone, I heard people say it isnt very good for dogs but if it will help her I am willing to try it. Does Prednisone make them not have energy, she will not even get up and walk any, which she has been really tired lately and hasnt been playing much, now she is just sleeping all the time except she will wake up for a few minutes and cry and scratch and then she goes back asleep. How long is Prednisone usually used for in a dog and has anybody ever used Royal canin anallergenic food. The vet said her inflaamtory bowel disease is flaring up be also said that a allergic reaction can cause diarrhea and vomiting.
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wow...i'm sorry prissy is going through all this frown I don't have too much experience with allergies or IBS so I hope others can respond to your question. You might even wantt to post something in the Food and Nutrition forum as a start to your food question.

I just wanted to offer a couple of thoughts and hope others chime in. First, I believe predisone is most used short term. It sounds like Prissy got into something that caused a pretty bad reaction.

Can I ask a couple of questions? What was she eating before the doc mentioned Royal Canin? I know you said she has allergies (you said: she is allergic to chicken, eggs,dairy products, grain,she is also allergic to grass and beef and lamb). Can I ask how you know she's allergic to all these things? Not knowing too much about these things, does the IBS flare up with those foods?

To be honest, i'm not a fan of Royal Canin. Only because it's my opinion they don't have the best ingredients. Have you tried a fish grain free food? Wellness core ocean is grain free.

With the grass allergies, i have heard that by cleaning the paws and getting a wipe down can help. Have you tried those things? I had a dog who had a little allergy to cut grass and I would wipe her paws down and that would help.

Good luck to you!


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I can understand your concerns about the prednisone but many of the risks are from long term use,not a single use over a short period of time. Often dogs with severe allergies will sleep more for a few days because they are finally getting some relief from the severe itching and discomfort which can affect their sleep,their appetite,and most of their life in general. Prednisone can also cause some tiredness as well and if she was given an allergy medication as well those nearly always have the side effect of causing some sedation. I hope you are able to find all the allergens that your pup has and find a treatment plan that gives her the healthiest happiest life possible. I know how difficult,frustrating,and helpless having a severly allergic dog can make you feel,all you want is to make them feel better and live a normal life and at times it seems hopeless,like nothing is working,and everything is against you. If you would like some information or just someone to vent to when it gets frustrating please feel free to p-mail me.hug

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you may want to start her on probiotics since your giving her antiobiotic for the sibo how long are they going to give her them the metronidozale?Pearl had them 4 weeks along with 2 weeks amoxicillin drops.Proviable KC capsules and great life enzymes pro+ don't have dairy

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