Husky Eye Problem

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I have a female Siberian husky about 5 years in age. Her right eye has started to develop this sort of black build up. It's occurring right where the iris meets white part of the eye, like following iris around in a circle. It doesn't seem to be causing her any discomfort, no discharge, no blindness.

I took her to a general vet and he wasn't sure what it was but thought it was benign, and said I would probably need to see a specialists.

I was hoping someone else might have had seen this before and know what it is.

I have a picture that I cant seem to upload. If anyone would like to see what I'm actually talking about I could e-mail it.

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Just got to a specialist, ASAP. Eyes are incredibly complex and diagnosis often requires specific tools.

When Vance's iris turned yellow with no accompanying symptoms, none of the trainers I worked with had seen anything like it (not that trainers are qualified to give medical advice, but we do see a lot of weird stuff) and my vet had never seen anything like it. What she told me was similar to what your vet said - "There's nothing technically wrong by what I can read, but that's definitely not right. You should see a specialist."

We had a diagnosis on the yellow within 10 minutes at the specialist's, a cause and treatment plan in a half an hour - and it probably saved Vance's life. Worth every penny.

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What was the issue with the yellow? My first guess would have been jaundice, but that would show up in a normal blood screening.


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I actually came here for input on a solution to an eye problem I came up with myself, so I guess I may as well share it here.

Came home from dinner Saturday night, and Teeko's eyelid was all red and inflamed looking. Since it would be today (Monday) before I could get him in to a vet, I figured I'd look for home remedies for dog eye infections. I saw a recommendation for a homemade saline solution, but since I wear contact lenses, I figured anything safe and comfortable to put in my eyes would be okay for a dog. So I saturated a cotton ball with a multi-purpose contact lens solution (cleans, disinfects, and can be used to rinse lenses before insertion) and swabbed his eye.

Sunday morning, and his eye was MUCH better. So I reapplied a couple of times yesterday as well.

I wouldn't have done it if he whined in the slightest when applying. But it seems better now.