Bella collaspsed again :(

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Barked: Fri Mar 15, '13 6:58am PST 
Nakita...thank you for the info. I will look into the MG diagnosis.

Bella is much better today, she is walking totally normal. I did not give her the tramadol yesterday because the night before she was up all night with an upset stomach. I do fear that her heart has taken a turn for the worse, she had never coughed before but yesterday she coughed a lot. She was feeling better physically so she was getting excited and that caused she to cough and hack. All last night she was coughing when she was laying on her side, she kept getting up and repostioining, she was better if she sat up and slept. She is now limited by this new symptom not her hurt leg.

Her cardiologist listened to her heart at the ER and said she sounds great. I am going to keep her quiet for a few days and see how she does, I am keeping a very through account of everything she does smile I think, which I told the doctor, that when she fell during the syncope she just hurt her leg, during the last time she limped for an evening. It hasn't been too long since then so she might of made it worse, there is no mistaking she was in lots of pain. I am now thinking I want to get a new chest X-ray then X-rays of all her joints...atleast to know if what they say about her is true and in turn keep her comfortable that way.

Hoss the Boss
Barked: Fri Mar 15, '13 8:08am PST 
My old dog suddenly started collapsing and losing weight. The vet found a spleen tumor. After her collapse she would be fine but the weight just fell off her. She ate great until the end. Have they checked the abdomen for any masses? Here are the symptoms for Hemangiosarcoma

Weight loss
Intermittent collapse
Muscle incoordination (ataxia)
Partial loss of movement (paresis)
Pale mucous membranes
Rapid heartbeat (tachycardia)
Abdominal (peritoneal) fluid
Palpable abdominal mass
Acute blood loss (often fatal)

Zoey had every single one of these symptoms except the last.

Barked: Fri Mar 15, '13 8:11am PST 
They did note on her workup that she had mildly enlarged spleen but said it is common with illness. All her recent labs came out normal, but she does have a few of the symptoms you listed.


Barked: Sat Mar 16, '13 10:18am PST 
I would take her to a holistic vet. It sounds as if you are getting the runaround. Please look into that I do believe you will have better results and a more complete exam and far more less expensive. I have had a complete turnaround in my dog's health due to her seeing a holistic vet. She has chronic pancreatitis. Her health now is fantastic.

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Barked: Sat Mar 16, '13 2:59pm PST 
Coco has had congestive heart failure for almost 6 years. The cardiologist said she'd live, tops, 2 years. So she has done really, really well on meds. In fact, I think her bigger problem now, at 16 years old, is canine cognitive dysfunction. Anyway, the newest and best drug is Vetmedin, it made a big difference. But she also takes spironolatone, salix and enalapril. I don't know what to suggest about the Holter Monitor. If the cost is too high, I would just ask the doctor about medications. We are all praying for Bella.
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