Dog pottying a little more than usual..time to call the vet?

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This past week Frankie has been urinating a little more than usual, but not excessive. He USUALLY goes once in the morning when he wakes up, then again around 1:30/2:00, again after dinnertime, once at night around 9pm, and maybe once around 11:30. Maybe!! So that is, at most, 5 times a day, although it is typically more like 4 times a day.

This past week it has increased slightly, but not crazy.
He now has been going when he wakes up around 7:30, then again an hour later, then maybe again around 10:30, then again around 1:00pm, then around 3pm, after dinner, then around 7pm, 9pm, and not the super-late night 11:30 tinkle. So, that is roughly 7-8 times a day.

He has tinkled on the snow and I do not see any blood, but that is not to say there is not a trace of it in there, or something else.

He also has been drinking water a little more than usual, but again, not excessivley..He used to go to his water bowl maybe twice a day, now he goes 3 or 4 times a day.

We switched him to the Fromm food, but I really doubt that is changing his bladder/thirst habits. I do know S/O has been bad about giving him table scraps, so maybe the people food is just a little salty..?

His activity level is the same and his sleep habits are the same.

I really hate to call the vet, but better safe than sorry, I guess. Just wondered if this is truly something to worry about. He is going a little more than usual, but not excessive. I am just wondering if this is a red flag to call the vet or not..? S/O tells me I am being paranoid and the dog is fine.

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Compare the old food to the new, perhaps it is higher in sodium? Some kibbles are very high in sodium. Fromm has about twice the sodium my dog needs but that isn't an excessive amount.

Measure the water you put into the bowl in the morning and at night to see how much he is going through. Compare to this calculator. http://www.mycockerspaniel.com/h2o.htm
If he is drinking more than maybe 2-3x that amount then maybe there is a problem.

I would probably go to the vet unless you do see a huge difference in sodium content in the two kibbles.

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what I notice is in the winter with the heat on, the house is drier and the dogs drink a little more. A vet visit wouldn't be a bad idea to rule anything else out.


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Thanks Tessie and Maxwell! I dropped off a urine sample at the vet. They will call once they check it out. Keeping paws crossed!!

thanks, again! way to go

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Good news!! The vet's office just called and said they did not find anything in the urine sample. They said to just keep monitoring it, and if it persists to bring him in to be checked out and have some blood work done for liver, bladder, etc.


I think you fellow doggies were right, it could be due to the heat in the house or the house being dry or the sodium content of the food.

Thanks, again!! blue dog