upcoming shoulder surgery

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Hi, my 20 month old pup is going to have shoulder surgery next week for osteochondritis dissecans. I know she needs the surgery, and it's likely her best chance for an active life but the thought of taking her in for the surgery actually makes me a bit nauseous as she gets scared going to the vet and is such a sweet pup! I'm thinking I might take one of my T-shirts in with her so she has something that smells of home with her. Anyway, I know she will be on activity restriction for awhile after surgery. Any tips on tiring out an active pup who likes to play, but is on activity restriction? I know she probably won't be feeling well the first week or so, but what about after that? Sometimes I'll try training in the house to wear her out with her thinking skills when she can't run. Any other suggestions - for her or me? smile thanks.