I almost lost my Bam Bam

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forever loved
Barked: Thu Jan 17, '13 5:57pm PST 
Glad you got to him in time! Hope he gets well soon.hughug

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Barked: Thu Jan 17, '13 8:15pm PST 
Hoping for his fast recovery. dog
Mitchell- Rapp "Black- Ops"

Barked: Thu Jan 17, '13 8:46pm PST 
Oh my, thank goodness you got home when you did, so very scary, I can't even imagine and thank goodness you were fast acting. We see a few owners at the Vet come in hours after the fact or they try to justify vomiting and a bloated belly as "just a tummy ache". I always say when you have just a little tinge of doubt please call us or just come in, if it is nothing that is great but if it is then we can get on it right away.
Hope Bam Bam is feeling better soon.


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Barked: Thu Jan 17, '13 9:06pm PST 
Thank goodness you came straight home!
Hope Bam Bam feels better soon!
Kali earned- her wings- 10/21/14

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Barked: Fri Jan 18, '13 4:18am PST 
How's Bam Bam doing? hughug
Kashmir- ♥ CGC

Boxer Beach Bum
Barked: Fri Jan 18, '13 8:29am PST 
Wow glad you got to him in time!! Thats scary and hope hes feeling better soon! hug
Good girl Reyna!!
Bam-Bam, CGC

Lil' Rubble
Barked: Fri Jan 18, '13 10:19am PST 
Bam-Bam is doing much better now. He's still a bit mopey and quieter than normal, but is otherwise returning to normal. Still getting multiple small meals a day, which he loathes because he thinks i'm starving him.

I'm still trying to catch up on my sleep that I lost that first night. How exhausting, and it definitely strengthened my desire to not have children someday! It was so emotionally and physically taxing.

Thanks for all the thoughts and comments! I'm a little nervous because we are actually moving this weekend, and that can be stressful for Bam, but I might dope him up a little bit just to help him relax.

Barked: Fri Jan 18, '13 10:49am PST 
OMD, that was scary. Thank goodness you got home when you did, and thank goodness for Reyna the hero. I'm happy Bam Bam is doing much better, and the smaller meals are a good idea for now. Good luck with the move as well. We recently moved from Canada to Texas and have been here for about a month now, so trust me, I know what a big headache it is. Is it possible for you and your BF to take turns staying at the house with the dogs till everything is more or less settled and placed at your new house? You might also wanna keep Bam in your room while the movers are going in and out of your house. smile Good luck dear, and I hope Bam continues to stay well. smile
Dr. Watson

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Barked: Fri Jan 18, '13 1:21pm PST 
Big hugs to y'all from me and my pack! hug
Kali earned- her wings- 10/21/14

She's game for- anything that's- fun.
Barked: Fri Jan 18, '13 6:03pm PST 
Glad he's doing better. Kali's mother died of bloat. My vet said to give Kali gas-x with her meals. After she eats, she does a lot of burping. The vet said it may prevent bloat. Maybe you could ask your vet about it.
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