Excessive Drinking & Urination

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I adopted Levi, my 2-year old neutered German Shorthaired Pointer, 6 months ago and noticed immediately that he had an issue with excessive thirst and urination. He weighs 55 lbs and drinks roughly 10-12 cups of water a day and asks to take frequent potty breaks as a result.

If he is crated during the day (7-8 hours) he will not have an accident in the crate but will ask to take breaks throughout the night. At its worst, he would ask to be let outside to pee every 2 hours at night. When he goes outside, he does his business and comes straight back in the house.

We have been in and out of veterinary offices since his adoption, but are still without a proper diagnosis. He has had blood work done more than once, urinalysis, urine culture, and even a kidney scan. His urine specific gravity is low (1.011 first test, 1.017 2nd test) and appears almost clear it is so diluted. His BUN level was a high 27 also.

This is what has been ruled out so far:
- UTI/Bladder Infection
- Leptospirosis
- Cushing’s Disease
- Addison’s Disease
- Liver function (Bile Acids Test)
- Kidney Disease (Ultrasound)

I’ve worked to make sure he gets enough exercise and adjusted his diet a couple of times and have been able to get the nighttime potty breaks down to 1-2 a night. As much as I hate to be woken up at 4am, I also want my dog to be happy and healthy. During the holidays when I was with him during the day he was able to sleep throughout the night since he received plenty of freedom to have breaks all day long.

He is now eating a half raw diet of Bravo! Lamb chub (contains lamb, bone, lamb organ meat, celery, squash, sweet potato) and half diet of holistic kibble. The kibble is Nutri Source Pure Vita Bison Entrée. It has a single source of protein (Bison) and is grain-free, corn-free, etc.

The next test we are looking at will be a deprivation test to rule out Diabetes Insipidus. My vet mentioned this on our very first visit and we even bought the medicine eye drops and did a brief test but never saw a huge difference in his condition. The vet thinks maybe he just needs a larger dose, but I want to know for sure if this is the problem before we do another medicine trial.

If anyone has any advice on supplements that may be helpful or steps we might want to take to improve his situation, we would be forever grateful. I know I miss sleeping and if this issue could be getting worse, I’d like to solve as soon as possible!

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My very first thought was diabetes. I do not have the dog health experience that some do on this forum, but those are typical symptoms for both dogs and humans.thinking

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I was thinking the same as Bunny. Any news on how your pup is doing?

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My first thought was diabetes as well. Then I thought maybe the kibble, but you said he was on half raw. I have GWPs & my puppy drinks a lot, but she is always on the go so not that unusual for her. Does your dog have free access to water? Sometimes if the water is monitored (i.e. only given small amounts at a time in an effort to control when they go to the bathroom) they will overdrink & overload their bladders. Tia had issues with housebreaking because of several UTIs. My vet had me add a few drops of lemon juice to her food & it cleared up in a few days. My other thought is to have your dog checked by another vet, maybe see if you can find a holistic vet?

Good luck
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Well your doctor is definitely being thorough...it can be nerve wracking trying to rule this stuff out. I was in the exact same boat. I actually started with UTIs and a low USG because I also drank lots of water. I'm curious....have you ever done a urine sample, first urination of the morning before you drink water? That's probably the best time to do it.

I went through the same tests you did...every single one of them. I didn't actually do the water deprivation test for diabetes insipidus. Like you, I went on the medication for a few days to see if there was marked improvement. There wasn't any change so that ruled that out.

I believe the last test was a kidney function test. I might recommend that to you because your BUN level is slightly elevated. Plus the USG is low (it might just be because of all the water intake) Bloodwork doesn't show kidney disease until you lose a large % of kidney function. A kidney function test will tell you exactly where you are in terms of kidney function.

In the end, all my tests came out normal and I was finally diagnosed with psychogenic polydysia shrug It means, I'm crazy about water shrug From Petdoctor.com: Psychogenic polydipsia(PP) is a syndrome resulting in a patient drinking inappropriately large amounts of fluid. In the case of dogs and cats their fluid intake is usually limited to water.

Anyway, your dr is on the right track, with trying to rule out everything. I wish you the best and I'll check in to see what they came up with hug

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