Health issues with back end higher than shoulders

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Didn't know what to say for the title laugh out loud

Rain is a weird looking dog. She is 10 months old and her back end is very tall thinking Is it possible she can grow out of it? Or is that chance really low? I heard she will develop issues with her elbows. Is agility and Frisbee out of the question for the future? Any advice would be great..just starting to get a little worried confused

Here is a recent picture of her

Rain at 10 months

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I think it is pretty common for young dogs, (and young horses) to grow rump high and then catch up. I would think that there is a good chance the front can catch up.

Even if it doesn't, I am sure he will be able to do doggie sports, just maybe at a lower lever?

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High in the rear is absolutely normal for her age. I have never seen one that ended up that way when they were mature...usually 18 months or more.


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I posted this as Jethro, meant it to be Quincy as he has some photos on his page with his rear almost an inch higher than his front. Admittedly, he isn't six months yet, but I suspect it to get worse before it gets better!!!
Rain almost looks to have a sway back more than higher in the rear, her rear appears to be pretty much the same as her withers, but, again, that is also most likely due to her age.
Jethro is SUPPOSED to be higher in the rear, with them we are always worried when they are level as they grow, BOL!

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My boy was like that for awhile when he was that age. He did finally grow out of it. But I would keep an eye on it if i were you just to be on the safe side.