Fritz has been hurt :-(

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Mischief is my- middle name
Barked: Wed Jan 9, '13 2:51pm PST 
Poor boy, but it sounds like he's on the mend. Hope it continues.

Fritz, cats are- fun when they- run
Barked: Wed Jan 9, '13 3:57pm PST 
Fritz is mending.party He has mostly healthy pink tissue in the open wounds and no longer smells like bad meat. He is still at the vets, I visited him again today, he seems a lot brighter.

He is still on Pain meds and heavy duty antibiotics. He could have come home today if I had insisted, but since I am away at work for most of the day, we decided that he would be better off at the vet's office until Friday.
Sarah, CWSR,- CWG1, CGC

Million Dollar- Mutt
Barked: Wed Jan 9, '13 4:51pm PST 
Good for Fritz!! Hang in there!

Toto, CD, RN, CGC

We don't do- doodles!!!
Barked: Wed Jan 9, '13 6:00pm PST 
Glad to hear about the improvement!!!

Do you even- lift?
Barked: Wed Jan 9, '13 6:03pm PST 
So glad to hear Fritz is feeling better!

blue/brown eyed- girl!
Barked: Wed Jan 9, '13 7:47pm PST 
That is great to hear, I am very glad he is healing up well! I bet you are anxious to have him home, probably a good call having him at the vet while you are working etc....way to go

I love sitting- in laps
Barked: Wed Jan 9, '13 8:35pm PST 
So glad to hear that Fritz is healing up. hug
Flicka ~ CGC

NO-ONE is going- to sneak up on- my Mummy
Barked: Wed Jan 9, '13 9:20pm PST 
HEAL HEAL HEAL !!!! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy !!

Go for it Fritz... yoU can do it snoopysnoopysnoopysnoopy

Akita Pals- Always.
Barked: Thu Jan 10, '13 4:16am PST 
So glad to hear that Fritz is feeling better. I also think it was very wise to leave him with the vet while you can not be home to watch over him because of work.hugwishes

Cave canis- vigilo omnis
Barked: Thu Jan 10, '13 5:06am PST 
So good to know Fritz is doing better! He'll be home soon way to go
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