Fritz has been hurt :-(

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Angel Lexi- ...Gone But- Never

Angel Kisses And- Butterfly- Whispers
Barked: Mon Jan 7, '13 7:33pm PST 
Fritzhughug If the wound is kept clean it should heal well. My other dog had to have a drain out in but even that wasn't hard to take care of. Cleanliness is most important and the pain meds Fritz is on are pretty strong so he shouldn't feel much pain. Please keep us postedhug
Flicka ~ CGC

NO-ONE is going- to sneak up on- my Mummy
Barked: Mon Jan 7, '13 7:36pm PST 
Like Toto said...Vit E oil is magic.. for humans and furs... cheap and easily got in any pharmacy. I have it in the First Aid box always...

So too is Preperation H... yes thats right.. the same stuff for rear ends !

It is THE single best piece of free advice I have ever beem given by a Vet.

One of my birds of prey many years ago had serious flesh wounds.. the specuialist vet slathered him with Prep H. It promotes soft tissue healing by about 20%.

It works.. just think on where it normally goes.. soft tissue.. often injured.

Its another thing I always have in my First Aid.

When the night- closes in I will- be there
Barked: Mon Jan 7, '13 7:50pm PST 
Poor Fritz hughughughughughug
Heal fast poor boy. wishesMust have been really scared.

Mitchell- Rapp "Black- Ops"

Barked: Mon Jan 7, '13 9:08pm PST 
Oh poor you and Fritz, we sure do worry about fur-kidz don't we! Did your Vet say anything about using wet to dry bandages? One thing with open wounds is also increasing nice proteins to help healing, when I had an open wound the wound care nurse suggested increasing healthy proteins to encourage healing, that and Vit E or Bio-oil, wow! I have to say it worked wonders. So whenever my pets are healing from surgery or wounds of any kind I increase proteins and use bio-oil. I also give Bromelain for any problems with swelling. When I was healing I could tell when I needed bormelain due to swelling, after I would take the bromelain the swelling would subside.
Bromelain is now in quite a few of the better glucosamine supplements for our pets.
Best wishes with the healing.dog
Jackson Tan

Lad about town
Barked: Mon Jan 7, '13 9:29pm PST 
Poor baby, he must have been so scared! I hope he gets better real soon. hug
Shiver Me- Timbers- "Charlie"

My Little Dog, a- heartbeat at my- feet.<3
Barked: Mon Jan 7, '13 11:16pm PST 
Awe... Poor Fritz!

Heal well, and get better quick, Fritz! Hugs for you and your mom! hug

Fritz, cats are- fun when they- run
Barked: Tue Jan 8, '13 3:59am PST 
Fritz is worse. I took him back to the vet yesterday for a checkup and bandage change. The stitches didn't open up, but the skin over the wound died and became narcotic. cry Our vet had expected some skin die off, but not to the extent that was found. We also found a shoulder wound hidden in his fur. The vet removed the stitches, derided the wound, and cleaned up the shoulder wound. They went over him again carefully and found several hot spots caused by getting the skin scraped and his thick coat. I haven't been able to groom him since the accident.

They are keeping him until at least Wednesday afternoon, the vet wants to make sure it is healed enough that Fritz will let me change the bandages and clean his wound.

Thank you for your support, I will look for vitamin E oil and ask the vet about the preparation H and wet to dry bandages. I also have to get him some Tee-shirts to help keep his shoulder and scrapes clean.

Black dogs rock!
Barked: Tue Jan 8, '13 4:23am PST 
cry Poor Fritz, he is having a hard time. hughughughughug

blue/brown eyed- girl!
Barked: Tue Jan 8, '13 5:50am PST 
Awww poor Fritz, please let us know how he is doing when you pick him up. wishes

Farlekiin the- Dragonborn
Barked: Tue Jan 8, '13 9:55am PST 
Get well soon Fritz hugwishes
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