if your dog is having liver problems, please do this

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For any of you that perhaps have an older dog and their liver seems to be failing........DO NOT give in and presume your little buddy is at their end. I have a 14 year old dingo/akita mix and recently she basically shut down. No appetite, lethargic, occasional vomiting etc. etc. She displayed all the symptoms of liver failure which was evident thru jaundice. I took her to the vet and he essentially told me liver failure is common in dogs and at this age, perhaps it's her time. I told him I'm going to try the holistic approach as I hear the liver can regenerate itself. I ordered liver aid from a holistic outlet and started her on that along with Vitamins C&E, powdered ginger & tumeric and mixed it all in low fat cottage cheese. Hardly saw much improvement for over a week, but she didn't get worse either. 2 weeks into the treatment (twice per day) she showed remarkable improvement. Still yellow eyes, ears, belly & gums but her appetite grew and energy level improved. Now, less than a month later, she's running around like a 6 month old puppy and her appetite is off the charts (like it used to be. I have combined another holistic product that is a liver detox (heavy on milk thistle)& alfalfa based.......and the yellowness has subsided significantly. She is back at least 95% and I will soon be moving her over to a maintenance program. She has been given back to me and for this, I am eternally grateful. She was really in bad shape and her age wasn't helping either. The vet was prepared to put her down right there on the spot. Today, she is running around like a puppy. So......you tell me, is it worth a shot to treat your dog similarly? I DO NOT recommend giving your dog drugs (anti biotics) because it taxes the very liver you're trying to heal. IMO...it makes them worse. If one person is able to save their dog from reading this........it's worth it. Godspeed to all of you.

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Something to think about if the time should come for my boys. I would like to hear from other people that try this and see if it works for them also.

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Denamarin works wonders also if your dog has high liver enzymes, Murphy's numbers were cut in half after being on it for 3 mos. It is not a drug but a supplement so you don't have to worry about drug side effects.

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not giving your dogs antibiotics when they need it is a sure way to lose them even faster.... confused